Downloaded an Apple Lion System mac.osx.lion.v10.7.4- hotiso.dmg

I downloaded an Apple Lion System mac.osx.lion.v10.7.4- Hotiso.dmg, but I do n’t know how to install it with a virtual machine (and VMware). Who can I talk about the tutorial? The key I downloaded is not the ISO file

5 thoughts on “Downloaded an Apple Lion System mac.osx.lion.v10.7.4- hotiso.dmg”

  1. Nonsense, how can Lion run in a virtual machine? DMG is a software running on the MAC. That is to say, you download it, which is used to install Lion on the MAC. Of course, it cannot be in the virtual machine.

    lion, maybe, it may run in the virtual machine, I haven't heard anyway. Congratulations, I was in vain, I was all over the morning and sympathized with you.

  2. Go to the Vision Forum Lion District to learn first! Intersection Intersection Intersection

    If it is not clear, you can hi me or QQ: 1847539

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