2 thoughts on “I want all the live versions of Eason Chan's on -site songs and cover songs ~”

  1. Hello! I know the following songs that Eason Chan has sung-
    "Several Storm" Original Singing-Rowan

    "Far Far" original singing-Zhang Xueyou

    "Don't Lie" Original Singing-Lao Xie


    "Love Fighting will win"

    Xueyou's distant her chorus chorus kissed her hair and messing with the world.
    It will win

    It no longer ask what exactly `

    Dr. ~~

    hey jude

    The wind and rain

    and Han Hong's standing on Gao Gang

    Long -term

    The shower of Gu Juji

    lenny kravitz

    Some of the loves that love me have a little enthusiasm and wait for
    and some songs of the four major kings of covering four heavenly kings this winter is not too cold. Essence Essence Hope you are satisfied. Essence Essence

    Chen Yixun's concerts are all on -site. So on the live version, look at Eason's concert! Intersection Intersection

  2. Hello, Eason Chan's concerts are all on -site.
    1. Eason Chan a BIG LIVE, an Easons Moving On Stage, a Third Encounter, a GET A LIFE
    , a DUO, an EASONS LIFE, a non -complete version of Huang Weiwen works Exhibition, Hong Kong genuine recording DVD (non -Blu -ray) in total in RMB two thousand;
    2. La broadly concert (no wall can be seen), MAMA, dream department, under the skin of strangers, rescue Farmers waiting for a small concert or exchange meeting or singing or singing, there are no sales on the market;
    3. Other show performances, guests invited, the number and value of the variety show cannot be estimated;

    The resources of tens of thousands of yuan with 20 virtual gold coins? Intersection You really want/smile

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