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  1. Lion is a person. He created the Chinese Red Passenger Alliance
    The red customer Honker and domestic words. It refers to a type of Internet person who invades attack. Unlike hackers. Red guest is a spirit, it is a spirit of loving the motherland, adhering to justice, and pioneering. In May 2001, the Sino -US hacker war that made a sensation all over the world, and the "main force" of the Chinese side at that time was a well -known celebrity. Red guest is a spirit, it is a spirit of loving the motherland, adhering to justice, and pioneering. Therefore, as long as you have this spirit and love computer technology, you can be called a red customer. Red passengers usually use their own
    The technology on the red customer alliance page to maintain the security of domestic networks and return to foreign offense. Red Passenger originated in the May 8th incident in 1999. After the United States bombed the Chinese Embassy in South China, some Chinese hackers established an alliance called the Chinese Red Passenger Alliance (HUC). Organizational members use joint hacking skills to express patriotism and nationalism, and have issued several batches of attacks to some US websites, especially government websites.

  2. lion
    Lions, (fierce people) celebrities on social occasions

    (symbolizing the British) Lion Chapter
    The abnormal brave people
    Celebrity, social star
    [British] [pl.] London Tower Lion)
    [lion] [天] Lion Constellation, Lion Constellation
    Member of the International Lion Club
    nlions-ear nn.
    Lion ear grass
    [lion] King Charles I

    adj. n nlion-hunter
    Lion Hunting
    people with celebrities on social celebrities
    nnnnn. n Lion face decoration
    bucket grass
    lionhood, lionship
    nnnnnnn. laienlaik]

    a lion at home, a mouse Abroid.

    as bold [BRAVE] as a lion
    Buy as a lion
    beard the lion in his der n Upper soil
    British lion
    The lion (Britain's aliases); the British (lion is British national emblem)
    fight like a lion

    On famous people, popular people
    have seen the lions
    I seeing the world, full of life experience
    make a lion of sb.
    See the lions
    [English] Visit the name victory
    show sb. The lions
    [English] Lead someone to visit the name victory
    the lion is not so file as painted.
    [Proverb] The lion is not so fierce; rumors are often exaggerated.
    lion and unicorn
    Msmo and unicorn (referring to animal images holding the British royal coat)
    lion in the way [PATH]
    american lion
    A American lion
    ant lion
    Ant lion
    mountain lion

  3. /Hide example sensten
    kk: []
    dj: []
    nnnnnnn. [c]
    1. As brave as a lion.
    2. Brave people
    3. Celebrity; Star on social occasions
    he is regarded as a liverary lion.

    4. (As a British national emblem) Lion Equal Relief
    5. [Heaven] (capital] Leo; Lioni [the s]

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