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  1. Generally, if you arrears wages, you can first find the local labor security department. Generally, there will be a labor security office in the street. In addition, you can also play the hotline of 12333 Labor Social Affairs Bureau. If not, in general, there are 12345 market routes in each place that can also reflect the relevant situation, or find some news media to report complaints.

  2. The report of the arrears of salary is 12333, which is the phone of the human resources and social security department. It is best to negotiate with the employer first if you are arrears of salary, or ask the local union or third party to negotiate with the employer, try to reach a settlement agreement as much as possible. Enterprise labor dispute mediation committees, grassroots people's mediation organizations established in accordance with the law, organizational application for mediation of labor dispute mediation functions in townships and streets, unwilling to mediate, mediation failure, or fail to fulfill the mediation agreement, and then find a way to arbitral arbitration arbitration arbitration arbitration arbitration arbitration arbitration arbitration It can apply for arbitration from the Labor Dispute Arbitration Commission of the Labor Contract or where the employer is located, and is not convinced that the arbitration is not convinced that in addition to the special situation stipulated in the law, the people's court may filed a lawsuit.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! Baidu platform cooperation lawyer will serve you! You have received your problem, please wait!nWhen arrears of salary, workers can complain to labor supervision, apply for labor dispute arbitration, and IOU can apply to the people's court for payment orders.nIf the boss does not give the salary, he can call 12333 complaints, or he can also complain to the local labor department to apply for labor arbitration, and objection to the arbitration results shall file a civil lawsuit with the court.nArticle 18 of the "Interim Provisions on Wage Payment" Article 18 The labor administrative departments at all levels have the right to monitor the salary payment of employers. If the employer has the following acts of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of the workers, the labor administrative department shall order it to pay the wages and economic compensation of the workers, and may order it to pay the compensation: (1) the salary of the deduction or the arrears of the laborer for no reason (2) the refusal to pay the payment The wages of the workers extend their working hours (3) lower than the local minimum wage standards to pay workers' wages. The standards for economic compensation and compensation shall be implemented in accordance with relevant state regulations. Article 19 If a labor dispute occurs with the employer and the employer due to wage payment, the parties may apply for arbitration to the labor dispute arbitration organs in accordance with the law. If you are not convinced of arbitration, he may filed a lawsuit with the people's court.nMore 2nBleak

  4. The arrears of salary can go to the local Labor Bureau's supervision brigade to report, and can apply for labor arbitration. The labor consulting hotline is 12333.

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