3 thoughts on “What kind of anti -electrical theme movies are recently available?”

  1. The plot is generally okay. Although this type of film is a fixed ending, it is quite interesting. Gui Lunmei is typically crazy for love, but until dying, he still loves the man who cheated himself. Jiang Mengjie's undercover, with a satisfactory, got rid of Lin Daiyu's shape, and there is room for progress in acting. The movie wants to talk about a lot of things, but I haven't handled anything. I dug a lot of pits, but I didn't fill it out. Finally, the actor's acting skills, Chen Xuedong played average. What was shining was Jiang Mengjie and Gui Lunmei.
    It Xiaoquan and Gui Lunmei are also considered high IQ crimes. Gui Lunmei's role is even more cunning, but she just believes in Jiang Mengjie, and her suspicion of Zhang Xiaoquan's love is also true. I originally thought that the setting of Zhang Xiaoquan and Gui Lunmei was to play Taiwanese. After all, the main brain of the multinational fraud group in reality was mostly Taiwanese. "Huge calls" is a work with both educational value and entertainment. Although it is not powerful and exquisite, it is also reasonable and reasonable. If you just tell how to detect a fraud case, it is difficult to make a lot of color. After all, the subject matter of fraud is not easy to make a lot of crimes.
    It this type of crime type is the most prone to the public security police officers representing justice. The "bandit" played by Gui Lunmei explained this very well. She played a criminal woman who was sinking into the emotional vortex, not just bad, but also the common sense of her body. The police played by Chen Xuedong were too labeling. That is, the so -called villain acting crushes the decent movie. Jiang Mengjie's impression of us has always been the fat Lin Daiyu, with a cute look. It is this movie completely subverting this stereotyped impression, and the undercover Xu Xiaotu she plays is a challenge.
    mainly is the theme of the movie and Guilun Magnesium. The theme of telecommunications fraud is very practical. Gui Lunmei's acting skills support the audience, and the rest do not need to say more. The first domestic anti -telecommunications fraud film with the Ministry of Public Security, coupled with Gui Lunmei who has always liked, once again challenged himself. The scammers in "huge calls" have repeatedly succeeded in grasping the word interest: I want to gain benefits, and I am afraid of losing benefit. In addition to being particularly attractive, many netizens praised Guilun Magnesium's acting skills the most.
    , as a main melody commercial film, justice will definitely be stretched, but the audience does look at the praise of Weiguangzheng Police and a light description of the villain characters. "Huge call" is the first domestic anti -telecommunications fraud theme movie, which is quite practical. The five links of the fraud are interlocked in each other and are independent of each other's handover relationship. I don't know if you close the net because you have mastered. The video shot by Jiang Mengjie seems to be useless in the bathtub. As an audience, I did not enter the movie plot throughout the process. Indeed, it was impossible for the audience to resonate with emotion.

  2. At present, there are 5 telecommunications fraud theme films "The Inflamination of Anti -Fraud Storm", "Anti -Fraud Storm Love Love Structure", "Crime Calls of Anti -Fraud Storm", "Cats of Cats and Rats in Anti -Fraud", "Anti -Fraud Storm Storm "Number" has successively landed on the CCTV movie channel, and the ratings are leading at the same time.

  3. "Stealing Sky", "National Treasure", "11 Luohan", "12 Luohan", "13 Luohan", "The Citizen of the Law", "Fighting Club", "Memory Forming", "Memory Fragments", "Negotiation Experts", "Time and Space Clues" "

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