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  1. Hello, the 10.1 -inch tablet computer takes iPad as an example. It is about 242.8mm, 189.7mm wide, and 13.4mm high. There are some domestic better products, about 255mm, 192mm wide, and 14mm high.
    Tablet computer Lenovo, ASUS, are all domestic famous brands, other brands: Dell, Hewlett -Packard is also available.
    The tablets are generally about 12 inches. This is a two -in -one tablet of the win10 system, which is suitable for business office and editing applications.
    It: Lenovo Two -in (MIIX5), Huawei Matebook 12 inches, ASUS (Linghuan 3Pro), etc. The low -priced brands include: Kobe Rubik's Cube, Onda, Taipower, this type of quality is worse than after -sales than the brand brand. One point, suitable for users with less budget.
    If for entertainment, there is no need to use a two -in -one entertainment tablet with a two -in -one screen. rn8寸的更方便携带,这类名牌有:小米平板3,华为m3,华为m2,荣耀平板2,联想p8,等等,价位都不高,配置也比较新,可以上网,听听Songs, watching film and television, playing games, reading books, map positioning, taking pictures, downloading various applications and other functions.
    TE, where the LTE version and the full Netcom version can also plug in mobile phone calls, etc., the operation is the same as the mobile phone.

  2. Mine is N8000, product size: 262 × 180 × 8.9mm,
    The actual visual screen size 16: 9 length width is around 224*126, ± 2
    16:10 length width at 218*136 Left and right, ± 2
    Mine is 16:10.
    It hope to help you.

  3. The screen 224*126, the tablet length and width are dependent on the width of the edge
    10.1 inch refers to the screen size

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