jewelry wholesale distributors near me What kind of philosophy hints of "Number Player"?

jewelry wholesale distributors near me

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  1. wholesale jewelry istanbul The movie "Number Player", Douban score 9.0 points. I am also a otaku. I usually like to play games, so I look forward to watching the movie. In order to watch the special effects, I chose a giant screen. It feels a little disappointed. Although the whole movie is barely regarded as a complete story, the continuity between is very far -fetched, and the final ending is forcibly happy ending completely relying on the protagonist aura to the end.
    In general, the whole movie is average, special effects, and acting skills. There is no highlight except to involve some game movies forcibly nostalgia. And I personally think that the game movies inside are too mixed. If it is not a fever, it may not be found, so it is a highlight that is not a highlight. The only thing that can be taken is to emphasize that the virtual reality will be realized in the near future, which draws a big cake for countless game movie enthusiasts to pay them for this cake.
    The words of words, saying some of the details in this movie.
    First of all, the entire film completely subverted my three views. The protagonist Wade's aunt was killed, and the protagonist was taken to the heroine Artemis. As soon as Wade saw Mies, he completely forgot about his aunt's death, and immediately hooked up with Mies. This efficiency was not ordinary. Auntie has raised you for so many years, and you don't care if you die. If you are not sad, turn your head and have the first time to meet the girl who have just met. The natural inflammation is cool, and it is not Word to promote the plot later to defeat Saurent for revenge, but to defeat Saurent to the ultimate victory of the victory to defeat Saurent for personal preference.
    This values ​​have been displayed by the director and have been recognized by so many people. I think this world has changed. Everyone is accustomed to indulging in the online world and ignored the real world. Everyone becomes more indifferent, the distance between people is getting bigger and bigger, more and more contradictions cause, and the problems that are increasingly increase, which eventually leads to a human level problem. This is worthy of thinking about discussion.
    personally thinks that Saurent is the most correct character in this movie. From beginning to end, he only wants to commercialize the oasis and maximize interests. This is the way to make oasis survive longer. Oasis will be handed over to Wade, and the company will fail to operate well. Human beings will die because they lose their spiritual entrusted oasis. This is just my personal point of view.
    Secondly, the film emphasizes eggs at the beginning, and the eggs get the entire world. The eggs are very important, very special, and very high. However, in the end, it is a button that can destroy the oasis. Egg eggs must also sign a lawyer document in the real world, so the eggs are just an egg that can glow. And this is such a so -called egg, which has been looking for 5 years in the world, what is the significance of human survival of this world.
    Also, the spiritual sustenance of the people of the world of the oasis is developed by an autistic patient, and it is eventually controlled by a potential autism patient. Is this ending a bit joke? Is the virtual world the last crazy? There are many problems with this world from the beginning of the movie. All the real worlds in the movie are garbage dumps and slums. Even the villain BOSS Saurent's company is built next to the garbage dump. It's Saurent's game warehouse.
    So I made two speculations, one is the end of the world, the human world has reached the last days, and oasis are the last crazy of human beings. The other is in the future. People living in slums, or those who only have slums have no hope, only rely on virtual games to meet their spiritual needs. Because everyone who has played games knows that although there are many people in the movie, there are not many!
    as, even when all players in the last player play the defense cover, there are only a little person. Could the number of human beings in the future significantly reduce this point? It is not much different from the last days. And whether it is the villain BOSS Saurent nor the protagonist Wade's management of the police, it shows that the normal judicial system of human beings still exists. Wade is not the world leader and spiritual master in the end. Therefore, what the director and screenwriter want to express is that playing games is equal to poverty, equal to the end, and equal to the three views.

  2. wholesale designer jewelry lot The first one will make people indifferent; the second human beings become a spiritual slave; the third is not thinking for enterprising; the fourth habit of developing laziness; the fifth person's trust between people

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