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  1. The SAC official website can be said to be an authoritative organization of the blockchain and artificial intelligence application system. The agency is a brand specializing in intelligent application chain technology. The intelligent application chain system it creates has a high reputation in the country. There are several types of blockchain. I believe many people are unclear. Let ’s share with you. The blockchain on the SAC official website is divided into three categories. There are public blockchain, industry blockchain, and private blockchain. Among them, public blockchain refers to any individual or groups in the world that can be sent. And the transaction can get the effective confirmation of the blockchain. Anyone can participate in its consensus process. At present, the widely used blockchain is the Bitcoin blockchain. The industry blockchain is determined by multiple pre -nodes designated by a group inside a group. The generation of each block is determined by all pre -selected nodes. Other access nodes can be participated in the transaction, but you cannot question the bookkeeping bookkeeping. The process, and anyone else can make a limited query through the API opened by the blockchain. Private blockchain, only uses the general ledger technology of the blockchain for bookkeeping. It can be a company or individual. It can enjoy the authority of the blockchain. The difference. In terms of these three types of blockchain, each has its own benefits. Among them, the application of public blockchain has been widely used, and the application products of private blockchain are still in the exploration stage. If you want to use an intelligent application chain, you can consult if you want to use the smart application chain. Professionals will give an extremely professional answer.

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