1.15 Today's morning football match recommendation: score prediction stable 4 string 1

003 Dutch 19:15 Vides v Nijmegen
Vittis drew 1-1 with AZ Alkmaar in their last league game, making it three wins in a row. Although it can go multiple rounds unbeaten, it is still unbeaten in four rounds of the league. Currently, the team is 14th in the Dutch league with 14 points. Videz's output on the offensive end has been relatively consistent, but the intensity of the defensive line has remained inconsistent. The home team have won only one game so far and have no advantage at home.

Nijmegen, who drew 1-1 at home to Ajax in their last league game, remain unbeaten in three league games, winning only two during that time. The team is unbeaten this season and at the 2022 World Cup, and its recent performances have improved. Currently, the team is ninth in the league with 18 points. Nijmegen's offensive output is significantly stronger and its defensive performance is not bad, with less than 30 percent of away wins. The away performance still needs to improve.

Bottom line: Coming into this game against Holland, Widys have been solid in recent years, losing only one league game in recent rounds. Recently, he has also posted a decent unbeaten record against the league's best teams, but the team's poor defense remains a huge concern. Nijmegen went on a decent unbeaten run during the season and his recent ability to win has been strengthened. The team's offensive line has been improved to some extent, but the ability to win away from home is still relatively low. We believe Nijmegen are capable of returning from the away leg unbeaten.

Match recommendation: Draw score recommendation: 1-2, 1-1】

004 Dutch B 19:15 Almele v Willem II
Almel City are fifth in the league table, two points adrift of third-placed Maastricht. A three-point win against Willem II would lift Almel even higher in the league table. After 19 rounds of the season, Almel City handed in 10 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses, the team's current total score 32 points. Almel City has scored 30 goals and conceded 25 in that period, giving up 1.32 goals per game on average of 1.58. As the league play the fifth best team, Almel City's attacking power is beyond doubt. On top of that, the team is fifth in the league in defence and also leads the pack at the back. The team's home performance this season is quite good, the previous 9 home games won a total of 6 games, the remaining 3 games were 1 draw and 2 losses, the negative is that the team suffered two consecutive defeats in the last two league games, the previous three consecutive defeats in all competitions also came to an end, the morale is somewhat depressed.

Willem II is currently in the seventh place in the league table. The team is only two places behind their rivals Almele City and the difference in points is only two points, which shows that the overall performance of the two sides this season is not too big. Willem II had won eight, drawn six and lost five of their previous 19 league matches. During this period, the team has scored 28 goals and conceded 21, giving up 1.11 goals against 1.47 goals per game. As the best defensive team in the Dutch League, Willem II's defensive ability is enough to frighten opponents. The team ranks eighth in offensive play and is not bad up front. Willem II were away from home, but they were not timid. Their current away results are fourth in the league, with four wins, four draws and two defeats in the last 10 rounds. The team's unbeaten rate on the road is quite impressive. In addition, the team is on a winning streak in the last three tournaments and morale is high.

Match recommendation: Draw score recommendation: 1-2, 2-2

005 Sassuolo v Lazio 19:30 Serie A
Sassuolo's overall form has deteriorated recently. They have lost five games in six league games since losing 2-1 to Fiorentina in the last round, and are now 16th in the table. And Sassuolo this season's home performance is also very depressed, 8 league home only played 3 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses of the record, home score rate can only be ranked in the 14th position, the main game ability lack of background, facing Lazio is difficult to have a chance to win.

Lazio's recent form has improved significantly, with nine wins, four draws and four defeats, in fifth place in the league. In recent two seasons, the Serie A competition for four and even the title pattern is a lot of changes, after Mourinho strong to join Rome, the new season of the Serie A league is also presented a chaotic pattern, the current Lazio and behind the Atlanta and Rome is tied for five to seven points, although the team is only four points behind the league's fourth place Inter Milan.

Summary: From the recent state of both sides, Sassuolo recent poor performance, the league has been six consecutive rounds of defeat 5 games, and the team home ability is general, 8 league home only played 3 wins, 2 draws 3 losses. Lazio although recent away ability more and more low, but the overall strength of the team is stronger than Sassuolo. This field looks like Lazio undefeated.

Competition recommendation: Negative score recommendation: 1-2 1-3

006 Lille v Troyes in Ligue 1, 20:00
Lille have won 9, drawn 4 and lost 5 after 18 rounds of Ligue 1 this season, and are currently seventh in the league table with 31 points. Lille last round of the league away 0-0 and Brest drew a blank, the team recently 6 consecutive matches without defeat, the state maintained very good. Lille have scored 30 goals in 18 Ligue 1 matches this season. Canadian international Jonathan Davey, 23, has scored 10 goals and four assists in 18 league appearances for Lille, making him the team's top scorer. Lille have won four and drawn two of their last six league matches at home, and their recent home form has been impeccable. The team is only three points behind Europe, so there will be plenty of room for further games.

Troyes have won 4, drawn 6 and lost 8 after 18 rounds of Ligue 1 this season, and are currently 13th in the league table with 18 points. Troyes lost 2-0 at home to Marseille in the last league round and have suffered two successive defeats in all competitions, including a 2-0 defeat to Lille in the French Cup. Troyes' defence has been woeful, conceding 35 goals in 18 games so far this season, one of the top five in the league. Fortunately, they have maintained a good attacking efficiency, so far the front line has scored 29 goals, Balde has contributed seven goals, is the team's top scorer. Troyes are 3-6 in nine league away games this season, and their away play is mediocre.

Match recommendation: Draw score Recommendation: 2-0 2-1

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