Advantages and disadvantages of blinds

When it comes to the pros and cons of Plantation shutters, those who have used them will know all too well. That kind of light alloy material, plastic material, in addition to pretty, neat, shading at the same time without delay ventilation, the rest seems to be shortcomings.

Wipe no impact point is also easy to deformation, with special wiping tools is not so smooth, efficiency is very low, cleaning problem is really a big problem.

After pulling and winding, there may be many problems such as inconsistent tilting Angle of louvers and blades, torsion, gap no longer uniform, and so on. When all are put away, it may no longer be tight and tangible.

Although not as light and flexible as common rolling shutter light shutters, it is also expensive, but it really achieves the perfect compatibility of shading, shielding and ventilation functions, especially under the condition of window ventilation, this advantage is really too fragrant!

Window-type wood shutters are also more texture, easy to wipe, good integrity, and there are many options for opening and closing, such as folding fan, open, push and pull, and so on. I just wonder if these blinds will stand the test of time. Does it deform? Will it crack? Will the finish come off in the sun?

There are also magneto-controlled aluminum alloy with built-in louvers, which are protected from dirt because they are inside the glass. But anything will not be too perfect, it will not block the effect of all open the window, can not do ventilation and shading, blocking synchronization. Moreover, because its window frame and the original window frame will inevitably have color difference, even if the color is consistent, there is still a sense of disharmony in the vision.

In short, according to the needs of personality and the special conditions of the window, it is the key to choose to focus on and give up. For example, in the bathroom and kitchen, the need for large Windows may not be high, so it is very good to choose built-in shutters, which can avoid the oil pollution of louvers. Are you using blinds? Can you share your feelings?

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