What is the liquid in the snow globe called

Question 1: What is the liquid in the snow globe called?
These crystal balls and Glitter Snowglobe Lantern can be found in gift shops near primary and secondary schools. ~
The white snowflakes inside appear to be a type of foam polyester
Some of the more elaborate ones can also make music, and the base has colorful changing lights.
Prices generally range from 15 to 50, 60.

Question 2: What is the chemical composition of the liquid inside the crystal ball?
If you don't eat it, it won't be toxic

Question 3: What is the liquid in a store-bought crystal ball
What crystal ball? Be more specific!
Generally a transparent oil, water ah, and so on, should not be toxic!
Usually small gift shop will not change, that depends on you can talk her through, let her give you change! (Not likely), come on! Be reasonable!
If you bought it at a supermarket, branded toy store, etc., you can definitely exchange it!

Question four: What is the liquid in the crystal ball?
The main components filled into the general handicraft crystal ball are oil and ester, volatile, small density, and a water bladder crystal, the liquid inside is natural pure water, is gradually disintegrated into the crystal growth process.

Question 5: What is the liquid in the musical crystal ball? .
It must be harmful. If there are no chemical additives, just ordinary water, it will be harmful to children for so long. And it's an artificial crystal ball

Question six: Is the liquid in the crystal ball liquid or solid
Water bladder. It's got water in it

Question 7: What is the liquid in the crystal ball? Is it toxic? Is it harmful to humans
Different crystal ball in the water is not the same, may have some ordinary water, some with some oily water, what is diluted sulfuric acid, do not know what kind of. How long have you been on the phone? First put the towel in the pot to boil, this way no matter what the situation is good to disinfect. In addition, if there is no strange feeling on the hand, it will be fine. Basically, the makers of the crystal ball have considered the situation if the crystal ball is broken, so they will pay more attention to the use of liquid in the process of making.

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