Estoril v Casabia, Utrecht youth v Dotrecht

Football Games Prediction Today

Match One: Estoril v Casabia

The two teams finished 14th and 5th in the Portuguese Super League with 16 and 27 points respectively
Estoril's recent form has been terrible, with two wins, three draws and seven losses in the last 10 league games, and only one win, two draws and three losses in the last six home games.
The visiting team has been pleasantly surprised this season, with 8 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, and 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss on the road.
The main team is weak and the guest is strong and the home team's home record is biased. The visiting team has a good season and is good at away battles, but the support of the visiting team to win this game is not enough.

This game Estoril has a good chance to get points at home, keep even

Match Two: Utrecht Youth Team v Utrecht

This game is a league Two game

Utrecht, with four wins, three draws and 12 in the youth league, finished 15th in 20th place, bottom of the league.
Dotrecht are 19th with five wins, four draws and 10 losses on 19 points, second from bottom in the league
Dutch B can simply be understood as no demotion, but that's not entirely accurate.

If club 1 has two teams, A1 and A1 team 2, usually called A1 Team 2 or A1 Youth team, we will call it A2 team. A2 team is likely to be relegated if it is in the relegation zone at the end of the season. There is one situation where it is not relegated, but it is a very small probability. If club 2 also has two teams which are the second team of Team B1 and Team B1, we call it team B2 here. If team B1 is in the Dutch League League and team B2 is in the Dutch League C, if team B1 is relegated to the Dutch League B this season, even if team B2 ranks first in the Dutch League C, it cannot be promoted, then team A2 does not need to be relegated. There is also a situation in which Club 3 has two teams, C1 and C2. C1 is relegated, and C2 is forced to be relegated even if it ranks first in League B, while the team qualified for promotion from League C enters League B. As a result, Utrecht juniors are highly likely to be relegated.

The visitors, who are 19 anyway, have no hope of promotion and will not be relegated. Two teams from the bottom of the first and second, there is not much to analyze in terms of strength. But from the war intention analysis of the home team Utrecht youth team is definitely a stronger desire to win the side, after all, need to avoid relegation, usually relegation team is "invincible", just meet the strength of the relatively weak Dotrecht, the home team must seize the opportunity to win 3 points. This match believes the home team Utrecht youth team can win.

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