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  1. Lovers experts teach you how to choose authentic log doors. First, look at the material. You can use knocking to listen to the sound. The sound of good wood is mellow and textured. The solid wood commonly used in wooden doors include: Sali, rosewood, black sandalwood, teak, cherry wood, walnut wood, maple, beylum, watercut willow, iron fir, spruce, southwest birch, pine wood and so on. Among them, the imported wood is based on Sali, sandalwood, rosewood, teak, cherry wood, walnut, etc. Second, look at texture. Because of the use of natural wood, the surface of the wood is inevitable. Other wooden doors can use any wooden charging, such as artificial boards, etc., and the appearance is decorated with more beautiful wood. Third, see weight. The most intuitive way to measure the cost -effectiveness of wooden doors is weight and stability. Therefore, the more heavier the wooden door feels, the better, and such a door is not easy to deform. Fourth, look at the dry humidity and storage cycle of wood. Because the weather in the south is more humid, the dry and wet ratio of wood is normal standard at 8-12 degrees. The wood is stored in the natural environment for 20 days to a month, and it can be used normally after reaching a certain degree of drying. Fifth, look at the carving process. The good carving craftsmanship gives a kind of artistic enjoyment. It belongs to the full handicraft, strong three -dimensional sense, life -saving works, vivid and naturally the superior work, and the soul of a door. Finally, recognize the brand. Try to choose or brand reputable products produced by manufacturers with strength. These companies generally do not conceal the wooden door varieties and materials. Consumers can buy with confidence.

  2. The choice of wooden doors is very important, because once you set it down, you can change it if you want to change it. It takes money and consumes money and energy. Today, I will decorate with you here. How to choose the wooden door?
    , the type and corresponding price of the wooden door
    The common wooden doors are roughly divided into seven categories according to the core materials, production processes and use of uses:
    1. n is made by the two bands and simulation wood grain. Because the door panel is hollow, the natural sound insulation effect is worse than solid wooden doors, and it cannot be wet water and bump.
    2. Pain-free door: 450-800 yuan
    The paint-free doors are wooden doors that do not need to make paint. Most of the lacquered doors on the market currently refer to PVC accessories. It is made of PVC veneer vacuum -sucking processing process on the outermost part of the solid wood composite door or molding door. The same is true for the door cover. PVC is also treated. There is still a kind of wood grain paper noodles, which is a layer of paper that imitate solid wood skin, which is posted on the door panel.
    3. Steel and wooden door: 600-750 yuan
    We steel door we often say is divided into two types: indoor steel door and anti-theft door. Combined with steel plates and wood. The outer layer is steel plate, which is filled with wooden frames and other materials.
    4. Wood plastic doors: 900-1400 yuan
    The plastic doors are mainly mixed with wooden super fine powder grains and high molecular resin to make it by molding process. Because the main material of wooden plastic doors is PVC resin and high -quality wood powder, the wooden plastic door has the advantages of wood and plastic. The emotional effect is difficult to distinguish; Traditional green environmental protection new materials.
    5. Two-bag door: 500-1500 yuan
    Single bags are only on the door of the wall, and the double bag is on the two baked door of the wall. The difference is that there is no bag without a bag.
    6. Solid wood composite door: 1200-2300 yuan
    is divided into two types: clearing the plane and the hybrid gate.
    The clearing out: The paint on the outside can see the texture of various solid wood skin through the naked eye. The hybrid series is to spray the paint directly on the balance layer without solid wood texture.
    The most common solid wood composite door on the market is suppressed by solid wood keel and pure natural solid wood leather. The shape is generally very beautiful and diverse in style. It can be suitable for home decoration of different styles.
    The door core of the solid wood composite door is mostly bonded with pine, fir or imported filling materials.
    7. Rapid Wood Door: 3000-7000 yuan
    The natural log core is used as a door core, which is dry after drying, and then processed through the processing, planing, milling and other processes. The material of making door fans and various components is not necessarily the same solid wood.
    (The above price is for reference only)
    . The choice of wooden doors
    Methods 1. Look at the wooden door material
    high -quality wooden doors, all of which are environmentally friendly boards that meet national testing standards, and while, environmentally friendly boards, while,, Those inferior doors are hard to say. Once you choose inferior and inferior boards with environmentally friendly flaws, long -term use will bring great threats to human health. Therefore, when buying, consumers must check whether the wooden doors are fully attached to board test reports and related test certificates. If the merchant refuses to provide it, it is best not to buy it.

    Methods 2. Look at the wooden door technology
    quality wooden doors, the overall workmanship must be very fine. Because manufacturers often use advanced and professional production equipment, not only have precision cutting board saw cutting plates, but also use automatic edge sealing machines to seal the door leaf around the door fan. At the same time, some of the auxiliary materials used in production are also very environmentally friendly. In this way, the door fan can effectively prevent water from invading the inside of the plate in the air, thereby extending the service life. And the quality of the production process of those miscellaneous manufacturers or workshops is difficult to say. Not only is the processing rough, but it may also be used by some ordinary artificial glue. In this way The harmful substances such as formaldehyde exceed the standard, and the risk is high in use. Therefore, consumers must pay more attention to the wooden door when choosing.

    Methods 3. Look at the wooden door veneer
    The some consumers are keen to buy some veneer wooden doors. At this time, the surface quality of the wooden door is very important. Some products that look good may use nails to be gently scratched, leaving obvious marks. In fact, such products cannot be selected. Because it may be used only some superficial Polygi paper, the abrasion resistance is very poor, it cannot withstand long -term use, and it is easy to cause problems such as bubbles and wrinkles. Therefore, it is best to choose the wooden door of the environmentally friendly solid wood skin treated with high temperature and high pressure.
    three, specific operation
    1, 掂: Good wooden door, not too light. Because if the core material is very soft, the pipes and pores in the wood are relatively large, or the core material inside is too small, making the wooden door not strong enough. The strength and impact of such wooden doors are poor, and the sound insulation effect is not good.

    2, look at the appearance: good wooden door, full and smooth paint. The inferior wooden doors are dry and obscure, with more exposure, bubbles, pinhole, ripples, particles, etc. The reason is that the paint quality selected by inferior wooden doors is poor, and the craftsmanship and equipment are not available. On the other hand, there are many wooden skin defects selected, so deliberately reduce the transparency of the coating to cover up the existence of the existence of death, holes, decaying, discolored discoloration, cracks, etc. flaw.

    3, watching wooden leather: good wooden doors, wooden skin or solid wood stitching are finely processed, and no traces of binding are seen. The wooden or solid wood processing of inferior wooden doors is rough, the splicing is relatively obvious, and even cracking and dislocation will occur.

    4, flatness: good wooden door, strict material selection, flat surface, straight, and perfect shape after installation. The possibility of inferior wooden door deformation is high. After installation, you can see that the wooden door and the door frame cannot be aligned.

    5. Seeing qualifications: If you do n’t choose the door, try to choose a brand with good brand reputation, and check whether the relevant industry standards are fully authentic.

    6, see the hardware: When buying wooden doors, try the door locks and union pages. Is there any problem in the process of opening and closing the closing.
    1. Door frame
    Thenien is generally used at home. There are door sleeves outside the door panel. The door sleeve and door panel are not necessarily the same material. The price of solid wood is very different, so you should ask clearly.
    2 Looking at the club
    The part of the connection door frame and the door cover is the club, and each switch must be used, so its quality must be very durable, otherwise the door panel will sink, or the switch will be different. ring. The reliable union itself should have a weight, and the strength is enough. In order to install at least three units to reduce the chance of wooden door deformation. Only two are installed, it is best not to choose.
    3. Plastic strip
    The glue strip is mainly to prevent collision, shock absorption and sealing. It is invisible on the bright surface, and is generally embedded in the door frame. Dedicated and environmentally friendly expansion glue should be adopted to avoid formaldehyde hazards, and it is also effective. When installing, a T -shaped slot should be opened in the door cover, and then the rubber strip should be embedded, so that it is not easy to be misplaced, and the effect and life are longer. If it is only pasted in the door cover, it will soon fall off and affect the use.
    4, whether there is an additional fee
    It to see the price after selecting a good wooden door, there are also many kittens to avoid it. For example, does the price contain door suction, club, door lock? What is the size of the original price of the door cover? If the size of the home is exceeded, it needs to be charged if it exceeds the standard. In addition to the initial quotation, how many additional costs are available, we must ask in advance.
    five, wooden door color selection
    wooden door color shape selection suggestions:

    1, white versatile, if you can't choose white;

    2,,, Mattic matching, looking at the advanced level, if the light is not good to show the soil;

    3, the shape of the door panel should not be complicated.
    Okay, about the types of wooden doors and how to choose the wooden door have been shared, I hope to help everyone.
    In the last
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  3. In the decoration, the quality of a door is good or bad, which is related to the effect of the entire family decoration. Now most of the indoor decoration is used for wooden doors. So how to choose wooden doors? What are the precautions? Learn about the purchase precautions for the purchase of wooden doors and furniture. Having a high -quality wooden door with a cheap thing is also the first step in opening a happy life.

    . How to choose wooden doors
    (1) First look at the style and color
    The purpose of decorating the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so you must first consider when choosing a wooden door The style of the wooden door and the colors of the color cohabitation style. The decorative style is smooth and clean, choose a generous and concise style; lively and fast, we choose light and elegant to match; classical ease is decorated with thick and elegant. In short, it is recommended to choose similar styles.

    (2) Looking at the color system
    A good color matching is the key element of dyeing living room, so after determining the style, we must consider the color of the wooden door and the color of the room color. Essence The color of the living room is basically similar to the comparison factors. We can first divide the color and darkness of the living room, which can be divided into three major colors; the wall, ground, and furniture are soft decoration. Basically, keep these three major colors. The color of the wooden door can be considered close to the furniture color, such as the dark floor wall with white and purple wooden door. The color system has both contrast and harmonious. If you are not very sure or do not have the guidance of a professionals, recommend this "relying" method, don't always think about comparison everywhere. In fact, the environment is already compared. You only need to find the color of the door to find a major environment. Close to both, or the ground or wall or furniture, and then distinguish the details, such as the texture of the wooden door different from the wood grain on the ground. As for which color system should be measured according to the actual situation.

    (3) Touching the feel
    After the color consideration is comprehensive, the product process and quality problem is followed. We are unlikely to go to the manufacturer to stare at how he processes him, and can only evaluate the product quality of the product through simple appearance inspection methods. Here I teach you two points: hand touch and side light. Taking the frame, panel, and corners of the door with your hands, it is required to have no scratching feeling, soft and delicate, and then stand on the side of the door to welcome the paint surface of the door. Basically, you can know whether the workmanship is qualified.

    (4) Inspection materials and manufacturers' related qualification certificates
    The we can check through three aspects:
    . Choose as much brand of manufacturers with good brand reputation, Chinese wood circulation The Wooden Door Professional Committee of the Association held a wooden door industry conference in Beijing. These manufacturers are more standardized in terms of scale and service systems.
    2. See if the relevant qualification certification of the manufacturer is fully true.
    3. Before installation, pay attention to the internal materials of the door lock hole to perform the final check. We can't see how to do it. Only by considering the well -known brand, we can be guaranteed. We believe that the price and one goods make sense.

    (5), choose home small hardware
    (1), the type of hardware
    The hardware can be divided into ordinary hardware and special hardware, ordinary hardware, ordinary hardware, ordinary hardware, ordinary hardware The classes can be divided into several types such as the leaf slide rails, decorative handle, and decorative locks. Special hardware classes can be divided into bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant classes according to its settings.
    (2), the purchase of hardware
    1. When buying a harmonious pages and sliding rails, it is best to try to pull several times first to feel its flexibility and convenience.
    2. When choosing a home lock, it is best to choose a lock with a heavy feel. The heavier it means that the thicker the material of the lock core, the more resistant to wear, otherwise it means that its material is very thin and it is easy to be damaged. Then look at the smoothness of the lock surface, see if it is delicate and smooth, without spots, and then open it with the key repeatedly to see the sensitivity of the lock core spring.
    3. When buying special hardware products, first of all, it depends on whether its appearance is defective, how the electroplating gloss, and whether the feel is smooth.
    4. When choosing a hand -drawn hand, you don't have to deliberately focus on the style of style. Instead, you should mainly depend on the quality and feel of the product. When choosing, pay special attention to the contrast and beauty of the handle. Reach unity.
    5. Many families are considering using sliding doors when decorating, and we also talk about how to choose the hardware of the sliding door by the way. High -quality sliding door hardware products are mainly reflected in its pulley design, manufacturing level, and rail design that supports each other. The bearings used in the sliding door must be a multi -layer composite bearings, and the outer layer is a wear -resistant nylon sleeve. The surface of this nylon must be smooth, no edges -like raised, and the inner roller bracket is also a nylon structure. This can effectively reduce Noise during the slide of the pulley. The orbit that is matched with the pulley should be a cold -rolled steel orbital orbit. In terms of the selection of rails and aluminum alloy orbits, it is mainly to look at the smoothness of the intensity design of the track and the smoothness of the contact surface of the pulley in the orbit. The better the smoothness indicates that it can be more flexible when used.

    The above is the precautions for the purchase of wooden doors and furniture hardware. If there are still unclear places, you can pay more attention to our Tuba Rabbit learning decoration channel. Learn more information about doors and windows, and pick a safe, reliable and beautiful wooden door for the family! You can also subscribe to the Tuba Rabbit Decoration Information Email. Selecting home improvement information every Monday, spend some fragments to learn, decoration is definitely no problem Essence

  4. In the process of home decoration, the purchase and decoration of wooden doors are essential. Wooden doors not only play a role in decorating our home, but also have the effect of anti -theft isolation for us. How to choose wooden doors during home improvement? Let's take a look together! 1. The goods should be compared with three. 2. Determine the door type, first of all, the overall decoration design style should be clear, and the door and window that is supported with it should be clear. Secondly, its use function should be determined according to the place of use. For example, according to the place of use and use, it can be divided into general decorative doors, louvers and glass decorative doors. Generally, the decorative door can be used as a door; the shutters are mainly installed in the storage room for easy ventilation; the decorative door with glass can be installed in the room hall of the room to increase the decorative effect. 3. The materials of the door should be consistent with the selection of the overall decoration. For example, if the wooden floor in the room is selected from water, the watercourse will also be used when the wooden door decoration is decorated. 4. Choose the drying material of the wooden door material, that is, the wood processed by the manufacturer, and it is not advisable to use natural air -dried wood. The biggest disadvantage of air -dried wood is easy to deform. For a long time, it will deformed or cracking, which will greatly reduce the beautiful shapes and decorative effects of the entire door. Therefore, when making a door, it is best to choose a board product made by professional manufacturers for you or professional manufacturers to ensure quality. This is introduced to the content of the selection of wooden doors in home improvement, I hope to help everyone. Interested friends may wish to collect it and use it in the future.

  5. The choice of wooden doors is very important. I love my building materials group purchase network to teach you a few tips for wooden doors. It is an indispensable link in the decoration process. The superior wooden door plays a vital role in the decoration effect of the owner. Let's talk about how to choose good wooden door products.

    In the decoration to choose wooden doors, go through three levels

    quality level: the quality of the wooden door manufacturing process, which directly affects the service life of the door. Generally speaking Later, it is often more prone to deformation and cracking, which reduces the sound insulation effect, sealing and various properties of the door. The sound insulation effect of the wooden door depends on the details of the door and the details of the processing process. For example, the drying of the wooden wooden door of the large wooden door in China uses world -class professional equipment. The entire process lasts about 50 days, so that the wood can truly reach a stable state, so that it cannot be cracking and unformed. And ordinary small enterprises are not qualified in terms of technical conditions and production equipment.

    In addition to the production process of the wooden door itself, the quality of the hardware also affects the service life of the wooden door. A good club has anti -corrosion properties and good transmission, which can ensure that the uniform pages are uniform and do not cause damage due to the self -weight of the door.

    Muctors: The style of wooden doors on the market can be described as a variety of patterns. The combination of wood and glass and iron art makes the wooden door have a more elegant and beautiful appearance. There are more choices and matching methods.

    The most important thing about the bedroom door is to consider privacy and create a warm atmosphere, so it adopts a weak and solid door type; The door type with good sex and strong design can produce a simple and elegant book charm; the door of the kitchen should choose a door type with good waterproof and sealing, in order to effectively block the oil fume during cooking; Factors such as sex and waterproofness.

    Sthebly: dark brown walnut wood feels noble and stable, while light brown cherry wood makes people feel warm and comfortable. Due to the different tree species, the wooden door shows a variety of wood texture and color. Therefore, choosing a wooden door that is consistent with the decoration of the living room will increase the color of the living room.

    In professional designer suggestions, the color of the wooden door must be harmonious with the room. The choice of wooden door color should also pay attention to the color of the furniture and the ground, and it should be contrast with the color of the wall, which is conducive to creating an atmosphere with a sense of space.

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