3 thoughts on “How about the development prospects of work such as the exhibition?”

  1. Many companies or marketing need to do exhibitions. This is a rigid demand. It can be said that the prospect is very good.
    but the competition from this is also very fierce.
    It if you want to work at the exhibition, you need a wider thinking and enthusiasm.

  2. According to the "2015-2020 China Convention and Exhibition Industry Market Prosperity and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" data, there are 225 exhibition venues above the small and above my country. Distributed in 32 provinces and cities except Taiwan. Among them, there are 16 large venues, accounting for 7.11%of the total number of exhibition venues; 29 large venues, 12.89%of the total number of exhibition venues; 77 medium -sized venues, 34.22%of the total number of exhibition venues; 103 small venues 103 In this way, the total number of exhibition venues in the convention is 45.78%. At present, the exhibition venues in my country are mainly small and medium -sized.

    At present, most domestic exhibition companies are characterized by small scale and poor professionalism. Therefore, strong conventions and exhibition companies should adopt a diverse capital operation strategy to jump out of the circle that rely on internal accumulation to grow and grow. Realize rapid expansion and strive to develop into a large, brand -name enterprise in the China Convention and Exhibition Industry. To this end, Chinese convention and exhibition companies should seize the opportunity of the reform of government -enterprise relations to form a variety of industry structures that coexist in coexistence; in market competition, cross -regional, cross -regional, cross -regional, cross -regional, cross -regional, and mergers and acquisitions of assets, listing operations, shares, and acquisitions. The department's strategic reorganization, forming a convention and exhibition enterprise group to achieve capital expansion.

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