1 thought on “How to write the promotional words of the friends circle when the catering is opened?”

  1. 1. XXX, XXX New Hotel Hong Zhang opened, and launched a grand opening remuneration event! Welcome new and old customers to come, XXX Address: XX Road XX Garden No. 1-5, XX District, XX City, XX City.
    2. The brothers and sisters will take care of it for many years. The hotel will open at 8:20 in the morning! Thank you for your support. The hotel is located on XX XX, XX County, XX County. I warmly welcome all brothers and sisters to come and have time to come and chat.
    3, XXX Hotel is about to open on the X Moon X Day. At that time, the new and old customers are welcome to come to come to the scene, and the on -site discount will be released! There are many activities!
    4, the opening of the business is great, and you are invited to attend good luck. Gao friends are full of wealth. Welcome to the popularity. The new hotel is about to open, and I am eagerly looking forward to the guidance. Our shop has no glory! Address: XXX.
    5, ignited auspicious firecrackers, the small restaurant opened the wealth god cover; raised the flying balloon, opened the big good luck; set up happy hi biography, invited friends to come to visit. When the shop is opened, I hope you will come to the show, and your brother will help you help! I want to respect you!

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