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  1. It should be good. The international famous company is a company that advertisers dream of seeking models.

    Groupm was founded by the world -renowned international media investment management company, WPP Group, and WPP Group operates advertising, public relations, information research consulting, brand image consulting, and media planning and purchase in global. It has 2,000 branches in 106 cities around the world, with more than 91,000 employees. GROUPM, as the world's leading all -round media operation management company, manages all media brands under WPP Group. These famous media brands include: Mindshare Shangyang Media) and Portland (Baolin). GROUPM combines the strong purchasing power, IT advantages and financial resources of the above -mentioned media brands to achieve better collaboration and resource integration.
    In recent years, GROUPM has increased in the world, Asia Pacific region and China. According to the latest data in April 2005 in Paris, Paris, the GROUPM global media contract was 18.7 billion US dollars, of which the Asia -Pacific region was 3.14 billion yuan The US dollar, while China is US $ 725 million, about 6 billion yuan, an increase of 25%over 2003. In 2006, its turnover in China exceeded RMB 8 billion.

  2. How about Qunyi Media Master?
    The interview process:
    about forty or fifty people go in and listen to the situation of the various agency of the company, and then group it. Each person is three minutes. There are many big bulls present. A turtle, fighting all the fairy, shivering. But it won't be difficult to talk about it.

    The interview questions asked by the interviewer:
    The questions about resumes, talked about a Case I have done, and asked about the career plan for five years. Where you do n’t like, the salary may be relatively low, will you consider this problem or the like? The younger sister is beautiful and beautiful, and very gentle, the whole process is easy.

    The interview related details:
    did you get this interview opportunity through what channels do you get this interview?
    : Campus recruitment
    do you think the difficulty of this interview?
    : The difficulty is general
    What do you feel about the overall interview?
    : Very good
    What result is the interview?
    Answer: Successful interview and work

  3. Qunyi is a subsidiary of WPP and is China's leading media communication agency. The current communication belongs to the integrated marketing category, and is good at brand advertising planning and new media marketing promotion. In terms of Media Master, the overall performance is acceptable, I hope to help the landlord ~~

  4. I am the undergraduate of the Media Department of Chengda Media ...

    Master of the School of Creative Media (SCM) Master. The employment direction is mainly in the direction of media production. For example, 3D Design, Graphic Design ... Some are recruited by a film company, some are found by the TV company, such as letting you do a head animation or a design poster, or a design poster Wait ...

    The employment arrangement in Hong Kong ... Mix by yourself ... Some classmates can be hired by the company, but many of them are still, and you can do things ... if you pick up case , After graduation, you can't wait for Hong Kong ...

    and Media Culture seems to tend to academics. Maybe you can mix your mouth in university, otherwise few companies in Hong Kong will have to only understand how "how the media influences society" ...

    If off the media, the Master of New of the City University Media is also good ... TV production is very powerful ... I now graduated from the Media Department now ... Last year, I got a large Studio in the department. Reading Master is estimated to have a period of news program every week, the former ATV, Mr. Tang, personally led ... also very good ... This is the master of the DEPT of the Academy of Humanities Social Sciences ...

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