Is it better for the hair salon in Nanchang?

Is it better for the hair salon in Nanchang? It is better to cut short hair.

4 thoughts on “Is it better for the hair salon in Nanchang?”

  1. Sassoon
    . There are Kingdee
    of course, there are some small shops to find yourself
    Thenian place and dynasty can also
    Two high -end hair salons with the worst cut heads. I personally think that the birthplace is okay. Don't choose a master -level apprentice. I personally think that the birthplace is OK. Grade ~ The price is a bit high, and sometimes people are full of people.
    . Verminal and Wang Chao are better. Although it is more expensive, it is worth it. I think the hairstyle is good,
    The hair levels, and the hair style will not change because of the long hair. Ugly!
    The is recommended for you below,
    opposite Bayi Park, "Shi Diwen"
    two Qi South Road "Time"

    The beautiful baby ginseng on Liaozhou Street, Jizi Road
    The test! Intersection

  2. The Kingdee of the Plaza South Road and Min De Road (the one is very old) is very good. Li Jiazi, the name of the Golden Domain, is very good and expensive. The Kingdee on the south road of the square, because you live close to it, and the service is pretty good to wait for a lot of people. There is a hairstyle director 9, and it is pretty good!

  3. There is a French on the Wanda Floor, Honggu Beach, which is also introduced by a friend. After cutting the image is super good, my colleagues asked where their hair was cut. And I used to dye the color before.

  4. Nanchang better shops: birthplace, Kingdee, BOBO, Sazhuan, Li Jiazi

    These are relatively large, and there are more branches

    The stores. A few
    : There is one of Shengli Road Pedestrian Street
    Kingdee: Square South Road Suning, Beijing West Road Teacher University also has
    Sands. R n Li Jiazi: The Golden Division of the Beibei Avenue of Hongdu

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