A Shanghai owner directly awarded 220,000 intermediary personnel. What is the situation in the local real estate market?

4 thoughts on “A Shanghai owner directly awarded 220,000 intermediary personnel. What is the situation in the local real estate market?”

  1. The local real estate market has a deadly water. Because of the recent increase in the number of second -hand housing, it has gradually biased towards the buyer's market. Therefore, the owner will come up with this incentive method to sell the house.
    In the epidemic, all walks of life have been affected, especially for the real estate industry. As an international metropolis, Shanghai has always been ahead of my country's average. It was seen that the owner was eager to change to buy a new house, so he would throw such a high bonus to motivate real estate agencies. At present, the transactions of both parties have been successfully achieved.
    The owners in Shanghai directly awarded 220,000 intermediary staff.
    The arrival of the new crown pneumonia's epidemic has a very unfavorable impact on my country's real estate economy. It can be seen in this incident that the owner started selling a house with a total price of 22.5 million on September 22, 2022. After the victory, the agent was rewarded with an additional 220,000 yuan. After the incident, it attracted the attention of a number of netizens on the Internet. In this incident, we can see the bonus incentive, and everyone will actively recommend this set of houses, which can be seen that there is still greater attention in the real estate market.
    What is the situation in the local real estate market?
    The seems to be higher and higher in local listing. In fact, this has a certain relationship with the market economy. Generally speaking, the two -handed house transaction can pay a certain percentage of commissions, but in this incident this time Among the owners, the owner gives addition to such a huge reward, which also reflects from the side that the transaction of second -hand housing in the plate has encountered a certain pressure. To be honest, there must be brave husbands under the reward. After increasing the commission, don't say half Lianyang, and the intermediaries of Pudong are not doing well to help him sell this house.
    Is in life should also take this kind of extremely individual incident. For real estate agents, it is closely related to the market economy. At present, it seems that my country's economy is steadily going on, but the global economy has been greatly received. Impact, so this phenomenon will occur.

  2. The local real estate market is still relatively broad. After all, it is a first -tier city, so there is no shortage of people who can buy a house. Many capable people want to buy a house here.

  3. The local real estate market is now in a sluggish state. Many houses have been hung up for a long time and have been sold out for a long time. The owner is very anxious.

  4. Public data shows that the Lianyang International Community, where the community is located, is located north of the Century Park of Pudong New District. It is only about 5 kilometers from Lujiazui. It is one of the iconic areas in Pudong New District. In addition to the Rennghe River, there are also high -quality residential communities such as Gorgeous Family Garden, Lianyang Nianhua and Yucui Garden. Commercial and school district resources are complete.

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