What are the benefits of doing WeChat applet in the fitness industry?

How about the pig CMS applet system ~

1 thought on “What are the benefits of doing WeChat applet in the fitness industry?”

  1. In the first place, the development space of the sports and fitness industry in small programs is quite large, and small programs can provide appointment services, sales services, and so on. Booking fitness courses or coaches on mini -programs, purchasing courses and annual cards, these use scenarios can be imagined very convenient and practical. On the other hand, the advantages that can be searched within 5 kilometers near the small program are also very conducive to the brand promotion of the gym. After all, everyone must prefer fitness exercises near the house.
    . On the other hand, the applet has now covered various lifestyles such as diet, travel, etc., and it is really not often seen in the sports and fitness industry, and it is not very difficult for third -party platforms to make small programs. The applet is very easy to get started. It is recommended that if you want to produce, you can compare the ease of use and the product interface.

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