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  1. The inverter transformer comprehensive tester is a novel automation detection instrument. The error signal of the intestinal sensor is directly decomposed. come out. The instrument is easy to operate, the readings are intuitive, the measurement is rapid, which can reduce the energy consumption and reduce the labor intensity; small volume, light weight, easy to carry and on -site testing; It can also produce a voltage transformer verification instrument with a voltage transformer with a secondary voltage of 100/3V. At this time, the instrument can measure the error of the current transformer at a rated working current; the instrument can be convenient during the detection process. The ground is carried out at any time to ensure the accuracy of the instrument; the key components use imported components, the quality is stable and reliable, and it is widely used in measurement, power supply and other departments and intestinal manufacturers. It is an ideal instrument for the detection of intestines.
    The performance characteristics of the comprehensive tester of inverter transformer:
    ◆ The instrument is easy to operate, the readings are intuitive, the measurement is fast, the power consumption can be reduced, the labor intensity is reduced
    ◆ The volume is small, the weight is light, easy to carry to carry And on -site testing
    ◆ The instrument can test at 5%of the operating current (voltage)
    ◆ In addition, the company can also produce detecting the S -Class current transformer and the voltage of 100/3V voltage to 100/3V. Instomotor verification instrument, at this time, the instrument can measure the error of the current transformer at 1%rated working current
    ◆ In the detection process, the instrument can easily run the school at any time to ensure the accuracy of the instrument, stable quality and reliable quality and reliable quality

  2. The intestinal ambush characteristic comprehensive tester is a fully automated CT/PT characteristic test instrument. It is a special detection instrument for relay protection and high -voltage insulation. Tests that instruments can be completed include: CT Voldemort characteristic test, CT variable ratio polar test, CT polarity test, CT one -time stream test, PT votic characteristics test, PT variable ratio test and PT polarity test, automatic Calculate the results parameters such as the voltage value of the turning point, the difference between the variable ratio, the 5%or 10%error curve value.
    The instrument adopts imported core devices, strict manufacturing processes to ensure stable and reliable product performance; instrument panels adopt ergonomic design, simple operation, one person can complete all testing work, the software function is powerful, automatic calculation and testing are given automatically and given tests. Results; self -containing U disk rectification function, combined with the upper machine software, generate complete test reports, data management is simple and efficient, and reduce the burden of testers; the instrument comes with micro printers, which can print test data and curves in real time. This instrument is a professional testing instrument that has a complete function, suitable for laboratory to detect on -site detection and is well received by users.
    CT PT
    This characteristic curve Voldema characteristic curve
    automatic calculation inflection point value variable ratio measurement and difference calculation
    automatic drawing 5%or 10%error curve polar judgment r r r r r r r
    The calculation of the variable ratio measurement and the difference n polar judgment
    one -time stream test

  3. The voltage transformer is similar to a transformer. The transformation of the voltage on the power system line needs to be used to the transformer. The purpose of transformer transformer is to convey the power of the power. Unlike the transformer, the transformer transforms voltage, mainly to power the relay protection device and measuring instrument. The voltage, power and power of the line are measured. When the line fails, it plays a protective line, valuable devices, motors, and transformers. Therefore, the role of the intestinal sensor is also very important. For the detection of the transformer, power workers need to use the intestinal comprehensive tester. So what are the specific functions of the intestinal comprehensive tester?
    The functions of intestinal comprehensive tester (also known as transformer volt -sensor feature tester) are mainly aimed at the capacity of the intestinal sensor, and the conventional only requires a few volts to dozens of volts. The working principle, the wiring method also has the characteristics of iron magnetic resonance, for research and development. The functions of the intestinal comprehensive tester mainly include: testing CT's Vodiatity, detecting 5 %, 10 %, and 15 % of the error curve, and also detect the variable ratio, polarity and other parameters of the transformers. In addition, data such as secondary direct resistance, secondary load and secondary circuit can be detected by the intestine, as well as the degraded function of the transformer. From this we can know that the function of the intestinal comprehensive tester is very comprehensive and powerful.
    So is the specific steps of implementing these functions very complicated? There are many wiring methods for traditional testing, and many components are very complicated. However, according to the development of the times and technology, these functions of detection of transformers only need a comprehensive transformer comprehensive tester to complete. The operation of the instrument is also very simple. The instrument saves traditional artificial records, manual pressure regulation, manual finishing, and tracing curves. You only need to simply set the maximum test voltage digital setting of the instrument, and the instrument can automatically zero from zero from zero. Step by step pressure, the entire testing instrument automatically records the data, and automatically depicts the voltano characteristic curve displayed on the screen, and the curve data can be transmitted with the computer.
    Therefore, the intestinal comprehensive tester is not only powerful, but also easy to operate, which greatly improves the work efficiency of power workers!
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