3 thoughts on “Why is the Meituan crowdsses gone?”

  1. 1. Meituan's "group chat" function is recently in the internal test. The group chat function in Meituan app needs to be opened by the merchant, and its entrance will pop up notifications to invite groups after the user buys in the merchant store.
    2, Meituan officially stated that group chats are limited to discussions on stores, orders or marketing issues. In addition, in the group chat, the provider of the red envelope function is used to send corresponding coupons to users.
    3. At present, the management of group chat can only be completed by the merchant, and the merchant can set the group chat name and group announcement. Group chat does not support the information of group members other than merchants.

  2. Add the wrong group.
    1. First of all, inquire and inquire about the relevant personnel.
    2, followed by registering the registration information of the account QQ group.
    3, check the group number to re -add. Generally speaking, according to the rules of the Meituan riding industry. Meituan's staff will join a group chat uniformly to obtain takeaway information.

  3. Meituan crowdsses talked, because the amount of information is too large, and there is a paralyzed situation that happened. It is now good.
    The groups are generally established by riders or merchants. The focus of the selection of the riders is to communicate with each other's takeaway experience. It is a merchant. Stroke.

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