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  1. How to quickly add WeChat friends
    how novice WeChat friends add WeChat friends
    how to quickly add WeChat friends
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    Mor WeChat friends, you must understand the truth! The advantage of the quality of friends is far greater than the advantage of quantity! You can think so! When others take the initiative to add you, then he must want to buy your product or want to be an agent! And you take the initiative to add others. When you hear you are doing micro -business, the first reaction is disgusting! 1 person takes the initiative to add you to add you 100 people! This is the charm of micro -sales!

    How to quickly add WeChat friends
    . Avatar attraction:
    The image of your product is related, or if you are troublesome, then at least you write more in your signature. Let's talk about the identity, why do we say that, different people do different things, and the temperament is different. If you are determined to be a professional WeChat business, then your circle of friends is a window, a window for your WeChat friends to understand you and interact with you, you need to understand what kind of merchants need. The motivation for doing micro -business is mainly to make money and be afraid of being disconnected from the society. In general, there are still pursuits and worthy of praise. However, the circle of friends is often full of short parents, full of complaints (complaining about the nature of women), full of many nasty soul soups. These are not bad, and some even resonate.

    . Thoroughly understanding your own products:

    The first step in micro -quotient is to choose good products. I have never heard someone else! Everyone thinks that we will have more confidence in explosive products, and we want to buy it even more! So the product must be exploded. The second step is to know the product's efficacy! It's best to use it by yourself! So when others come to ask you, you will not support it, and you have also used the product to have a certain effect! Only then will guarantee that you will ask your friends to buy! In this way, they will not only be your precise customer source, but also become loyal fans!

    . Be a good circle of friends:

    everyone knows that the circle of friends is the main battlefield of Weishang! The friendship circles can be done well to trigger the desire to buy! Many friends in the circle of friends of everyone do micro -business, so your friend's copywriting determines whether she is reading or passing by! If, your copywriting only has a few photos with product information! Then your document has only the fate of the latter! You have to find some funny paragraphs to attract the attention, or the feelings you have used, or the feedback feeling of consumers! It must be real feeling! In this way, each copy of the copy is popular, and it is effective when you see it. Will anyone want to buy it? Every friend in the circle of friends is your precise customer source!

    This above is the most basic thing we should pay attention to as Weishang. If these most basic we can't do, it is also a good business to do it well. Impossible. When we do these our own construction, we must understand how to promote and promote fans, instead of taking the initiative to add others, so what should I do?

    1. WeChat public account. There are a lot of public accounts related to your own products in WeChat. Among them, you have to think about choosing a large number of fans, influential, formal, and large reading. Soft text, remember to be soft, remember not to copy and paste, interspersate your contact information in the article! If you read the article in this way, you will come to add you; if you are interested, you will ask your products; if you are better, you will recruit several generations/reason!

    . Learn to use social software. When your friends have a certain number, you can build your own QQ group and WeChat group! Depending on your own products, enter different groups! Of course, when you go in, you will be blocked when you go in! Because many people hate this behavior! After entering, you can upload some files with everyone, talk about it, and get familiar with everyone. At this time, some people are familiar with you to need this product in this area. One is to believe you, you will buy your product! Be a businessman and sell yourself first, is the real success! In this way, your precise customers will not be less!

    . Use the media. There are two ways here! One is to push each other with friends in WeChat! The power of pushing each other/widely is great, how can you get the effect of 10 or even 30 people from 10 people! Of course, to remind everyone not to believe that any additional software is almost deceiving! Too many micro -quotients are anxious and have no idea! If you want to be fast, you are not reached, the ancestor is always right! These software adds zombie powder, which is not useful! Learn to promote yourself and master the skills! In order to stay with friends to find the source! The other is to send soft texts to major forums and major websites! If these are included by hundreds of/degrees! According to the search volume of Chinese netizens today! How can there be fewer customers?

    How to quickly add WeChat friends
    Summary of WeChat: In the era of WeChat, making money, no longer relying on physical strength, nor relying on relying on You boil for eight hours a day, but rely on your way of thinking! This is an era of becoming rich in concepts. You still don't care about it. I believe it or not believes. It is a certain fact! I hope these things shared today can help everyone and let everyone take less detours on the road of Weishang.
    Make WeChat friends quickly add WeChat friends

    It, let me tell you what is the most taboo for WeChat? If you are still doing this, you will stop, otherwise It is laborious!

    1. Continuous swipes have been pointed out very early. People have also started from this time, sorry, so it really makes people unbearable. The result of not understanding how Weishang sends a circle of friends is that you will disappear forever from the circle of friends of many friends in the future and even the communication records.

    2. Sending the same information twice. If it is a short message, it is better, but if it is a long message or a group message, you will be directly regarded as spam directly. Therefore, if you send information, it is recommended to check your network environment and check the list and content in advance, so as not to cause unnecessary troubles due to typo or list.

    3. The first piece of information sent to new friends is advertising WeChat as the hottest mobile social tool in China. The first sentence you add is particularly important. The first impression left to others, so do not advertise to others if you are not familiar with or just added. Not everyone tolerates you as a friend.

    4. The red envelope is true, and the red envelope is justified by others. It's not that taste that comes. And the red envelopes are generally given to the elders, and the superiors are given to the subordinates. You said where you asked for red envelopes with others. Some people are blindly followed by the wind, but some people want to take the opportunity to collect money. No matter how your purpose is to brush the presence in front of friends like this.

    n The final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

  2. As a WeChat business, you must improve your popularity, learn to drain, attract customers and add you! Why can't you attract fans? The following drainage method is Xinwei B1996113 provides welcome to add learning! Intersection Intersection You can definitely help you !!

    You may often ask yourself, why do you not have enough fans, if I ask you in turn, why do I be your fan, you can find it, you can find it, you can find it, you can find it, you can find it, you can find it, you can find it, you can find it, and you can find it. The answer to the question.

    This circle of friends is the same situation now.

    Everyone, I love small animals, and I still have a sense of humor, is it? Do you want to communicate with a person alone, or do you like to communicate with an animal?

    Entering your circle of friends, all are product advertising pictures. Who would open the TV station every day and all the radio stations are playing advertisements. Do you see the original intention?
    The content in the WeChat circle of friends. Good, unemployed, old -fashioned and unfair, why I am so poor, these negative information is a large amount in it.

    WeChat friends circle can not see the content that can help fans grow, without value There is no attractive at all.

    has no real life photos in the WeChat circle of friends, why you dare not share because you are not confident enough.

    n n n n n n n n n R n
    The main reasons the above reasons are the main reason you cannot attract fans, because no one means to associate with a person without value. People are loaded and want to get benefits on you. I ca n’t get it now, and in the future, why do you see a beggar? Because you ca n’t get any value on the beggar, you must ask you value. If the Korean star Lee Min Ho, is it because countless people are looking for him to take a group photo Because he is a celebrity, celebrities represent value, this society is so reality.
    If you want to use WeChat to carry out your business, you must make changes, and you must make your own value. R n
    1. The shape of its own value
    is important to shape the value. If you want to have a fan, you must shape your own value like a star. R n
    a. Use a real person
    This head must use a real person to be more realistic, credible, and gain the fast trust of fans. The photo can feel your high value immediately. Many people take a photo with their own cars and celebrities. This is also a way to show its high value. If you are an expert in an industry, you can also use your head. You give a lecture at a well -known forum meeting. The elephant author uses his new book cover as the head elephant, and is also passing high value to fans to tell fans who are ready to pay attention to me. If they want to learn WeChat marketing, they must give birth. Pay attention to me.

    b. Expert in shaping your own value
    If you are not Gao Fushuai or local tyrants, what should be done, only one way is to increase valuable content, Earnestly study an industry and become an expert in an industry. If you are going to sell beautifying products, what you want to do is to read a book about how to teach people cosmetics in the bookstore. Write into an original article in the article, so you write 3 0 to 60 articles, you have established an expert status in the minds of fans.

    . When you become an expert to sell products, it is very easy, because people believe in experts, And they will ask for buying products with experts. You must shape your own expert identity so that you are more valuable.
    The best way to attract fans is to worship them. You, you need to make fans worship you need to spend a lot of time and build content, so ask us to focus on your own expertise, for example, you spend a year to write a book, about how to educate children, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spending, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, he spends it. One year is very time -consuming, but because of this writing, after the fans read the books you wrote, they worship you immediately and increase their own value.

    2. 2. Increase your own knowledge
    must work hard to increase your own knowledge, so that you can talk to all fans who follow you, and you can find a topic of resonance. This is a very important thing. Fans who love beauty, you can talk about how to make yourself more beautiful, and the owner of the business company, you can talk about how to better operate the company, talk to the self -media fans, talk about how to do a good job of self -media, and travel to fans. Talk to travel abroad, talk to the author how to write best -selling books, etc.
    about the misunderstandings of many novices, you will ask such questions, how to add the most fans, in fact, I haven't understood it. Fans are not added in. Fans are all attracted. What is a fan is that people who are attracted by the specialties and values ​​that you have. You must have high value in order to attract fans. You become a star, celebrity, expert, you deserve fans. You must let fans see the value and future value of your own.

    don't ask why you have no fans, but ask why others become your fans. Marketing is not just a question of a single point. Your question may be the answer to your previous question.

    is not how many people you have won, but how many people you share with, Xinwei B19961123 Your friend will be grateful for every time you share!

  3. Each product is a customer with market demand. The key is to depend on whether you can drain the accurate customer source to actively find you

    Fan is a high -quality accurate customer source. So, I will share with you a few basic drainage precision customer sources
    The first, you must take the initiative to add you WeChat. Don't add chaos.
    Secondly, find precision customers and potential customers. Users who add siblings must be accurate target users. In this way, the volume will increase a lot. This is fine powder.
    Third, users must be willing to pay attention to your circle of friends, interactive, interact with customers more
    . Maintain old customers, develop new customers, and make your way wider and wider
    . Fifth. Family marketing of friends in the circle of friends
    The following is a way to increase friends, I hope to help everyone
    : Network picking news source promotion method:
    submit high -quality web pages, pictures, posts to the Internet Site and aggregate websites. If you are recommended, your fans will increase. The premise must be high -quality articles. Tired
    The dead Douban and Tianya Forum are good places, but it should be noted that do not make hard advertisements, and attract non -advertising.
    : Public platform drainage:
    writing articles, or quoting good articles, good videos, cleverly add your own WeChat and QR codes, the best renderings of the product, and then post to yourself to yourself The micro
    The believe in the public platform, the title of the article is the key to achieve the effect of consumers' initiative. Three: Media Promotion Law: Find news points for traditional media, newspapers, television, broadcasting and other reports, offline leaflet methods, and use activities to expand automatic publicity.
    : Keyword guidance. What you need to do here is to think in other places to think about your product! Instead, think about your customers, your customers will find it on the search engine What is the keyword
    ? Use SEO keywords to search for drainage to attract precision customers to understand the customer's thoughts. Successful people are not because he does well, but what the customers he understands are what we should do.
    : Weibo
    Chat software that can see your mood at any time is also the best channel for your marketing promotion product. Using a software called push rabbit, you can promote your products on a large scale and let thousands of people repost your Weibo is the best Weibo drainage method, the growth of geometric multiple.
    has many drainage methods, all of which are the endless wealth of you. As long as you will use it to find a breakthrough, at that time, when your customer is constantly, you must stick to it. For 2 days, no matter what the final result, at least we have worked hard, and don't regret it. If you don't even work hard, you are not qualified to say this! Wei: gjwyx plus 88 behind it 88

  4. How to quickly add WeChat friends

    In WeChat how to quickly add friends how to find precision customers
    : Remember to be WeChat how to add friends, do n’t think about how to add friends, do n’t think about how to add friends,
    It to attract friends, no matter how many friends with friends are useless,
    Is friends with software can not be your precise customers!
    1 maybe also adding competitors for micro -business! Wei [DFVIP8626] This is not to spend money to buy sin! Of course not worth it! Intersection Intersection
    It you have to learn how to use methods to attract customers, you must learn to drain!

    Mou how to quickly add friends how to find precision customer sources 2: Just think about how to expand your friends!
    Because you have just started, you can only take the initiative to add friends,
    So how do you add friends, there are many ways!
    1 depends on you will study hard? Wei [DFVIP8626]

    Third: After adding your friends to the circle, your circle of friends will be updated every day
    dynamics, and some inspirational will be sent to some inspirational In life, funny, so funny, this can attract others to pay attention to you.
    Remember, don't just advertise just at first. This way, it will only make people feel disgusted!
    The business as a micro business must increase your popularity, learn to drain, attract customers and add you!

  5. How to quickly add WeChat friends and friends and novices. Novice. Novice. First of all, pay attention to the following points. First, do n’t blindly find the source of the customer and add friends. Before you add it, you must think about it. Circle of friends. The circle of friends is well maintained, and you should chat with friends who come in. Do not swipe the screen every day. Do n’t exceed seven pieces of information every day. It ’s 123. 7 0 4: ╰⊙╯└═⊙╰⊙ ⊙ 2. Do not hesitate to do it. The indecision is the most taboo thing that is the most taboo. Many opportunities are fleeting. As a WeChat business, you must improve your popularity, learn to drain, attract customers and add you! Learn the drainage knowledge, there are no tricks and shortcuts to do, but you don't understand the novice.

    Make -WeChat how to quickly add WeChat friends three, do not follow the trend, improve what you have learned during the learning process, making it more convenient and effective. First of all, don't blindly increase the source of the customer. Before you add it, you must think clearly before adding it. Add a pile of piles of interest to you. It must be targeted to find a customer source. Add a lot of powder. Silk, finally found that it is a zombie powder. This is meaningless.

    . Do n’t get it in love with the sky. Do n’t do this to do this. Do n’t do this. How to find the first way to learn drainage and skills, no matter how good your stuff is not good, there is no foreign precise customer source. Just in the circle of friends, it is not good to do well.

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