1 thought on “Which is more practical and durable by the Tianneng battery or Chaowei battery?”

  1. Tianneng and Chaowei are the leaders in the domestic power battery and savings battery industry. They both have their own innovative technology and strong research and development capabilities. They are at the forefront of the industry in China and Chaowei. What is Welter more durable?
    superpowered batteries and Tianneng batteries are more durable?
    The days of capacity battery
    The days can be mainly manufactured by electric vehicle environmental protection power batteries. Most of the products are lead -acid batteries. The self -discharge rate is extremely low, and the discharge current is large. The advantages of over -charging and discharge, long life and other advantages.
    The days of energy batteries were established in 1986, with 30 global new energy companies. It mainly produces electric groups with electric helpers, lithium batteries, tube batteries, wind energy solar energy storage batteries, integrates new energy from new energy sources such as recycling lead resources, and recycling.
    Relative to speaking, the history of the Tianneng battery brand has a longer history and has accumulated some experience and technology. At present, the Tianneng battery is the leader of the power battery industry, accounting for more than 60%of the market share. It is more productive in terms of product quality. Guarantee is more guaranteed in after -sales service.

    Chaowei batteries
    Chaowei's current leading products are power -type and energy storage collagen battery batteries such as electric power vehicles, electric vehicles and solar wind energy power storage storage. lithium battery. The battery is made of strong ABS plastic. It is sealed with a modified epoxy resin seal to ensure that the battery is corrosion -resistant, and it is safer.

    If you focus on battery life, you can use Chaowei battery. After all, Chaowei is a benchmark for the domestic battery industry. Chaowei's battery products are usually powerful and fast accelerated, and the performance of mileage is also very good.

    is good for the two. It is nothing more than saying each other. The most important thing is the product quality and the reputation of consumers.
    The days of capacity battery large current discharge performance, good low temperature performance, strong low -temperature charging discharge capacity, and long service life;
    Choose Chaowei battery. Chaowei's battery products are powerful, accelerated quickly, and the mileage is relatively long.
    , as long as it is genuine, the quality of the two products is guaranteed. Of course, choosing the one that suits you is the best.

    Om how to make electric vehicle batteries last longer? The correct way of use is essential. The following is a simple point:
    1. The correct charging method In general, the current electric vehicle battery is mainly based on lead-acid batteries. The charging of lead-acid batteries is generally enough to charge for 5-8 hours during use. Do not over -charge. The best charging time is about about 30%of the remaining power;
    2, in high temperature weather, be sure to avoid exposure under high temperature and severe days, and it is strictly forbidden to charge at high temperature environments; avoid charging immediately after driving at high temperatures;
    3, the battery is regularly for "activated" battery, which can slightly increase the capacity of the battery. The general method is to completely discharge the battery at a time. The way to discharge completely is to ride the first lack of voltage protection under the normal load of flat pavement.

    Is that everyone can choose the one that suits them, depending on what they need, whether it is battery life, or life expectancy. Come and choose Tianneng or Chaowei battery.
    This is the best one for you.

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