1 thought on “7. Briefly describe the steps of hotel product market positioning?”

  1. The hotel's product market positioning work can be divided into a few steps:
    The first step: market research. For customer capacity, the number of the same products and quality, the local consumption level is investigated to determine the consumption range and consumption preferences of hotel products.
    If: According to the consumption range and consumption preferences of hotel products, design the operating projects, content, capacity, grade and consumer standards of hotel products.
    3: According to the content of the hotel's product operation project, determine the hotel's revenue calculation.
    The fourth step: use the hotel's revenue to calculate to calculate the total level of hotel investment.
    The fifth step: combined with the total investment level of the hotel, the scale and grade of the hotel construction is calculated, and the budget of each functional distinguished item is made.
    Step 6: In response to the specific requirements and characteristics of the business project, design the functional parts of hotel products, the functional layout of hotel products, and match the corresponding areas, venue, area, and layer high.
    It seventh: combine the layout of the functional area with the two -fitting design.
    : The second -fitting design results are combined with architectural design.
    This is the hotel product market positioning step, I hope to help you.

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