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  1. The procedures are as follows:
    1 confirmed whether the express brand you want to apply for accepts joining and proxy (such as SF does not allow joining, and companies such as Yuantong, Shentong, Zhongtong are welcome to join).

    2 confirmed whether there is any agency point where there is. In order to protect the interests of the alliance, the courier company does not allow multiple franchisees to operate in one area.

    3 Apply directly to the courier's head office directly. Single, assignment fees, wrapping costs, etc. The disadvantage is that the franchise fee is very expensive, and it is not easy to join successfully.

    4 or applying for a contracting area from a local express company. Add extra money.

    5 Express companies do not make money by sending parts. Mainly to make money by receipts. If you collect a parcel within one kilogram, go outside the province. Far away, there are very far places. The cost is basically between 3-6. The receiving price is also between 10-15 yuan. The profit is still very large.

    6 optional express delivery: Shentong, Yuantong, Zhongtong, House emergency delivery, Huitong, Yunda, Tiantian, Guotong, Quanfeng, etc.
    Extension information:
    The express companies that can join, such as Shentong Express, Yuantong Express, Zhongtong Express, SF Express, Yunda Express, Tiantian Express and Quanfeng Express Company, etc. Can join.
    It to join the courier company, investors must first have sufficient investment funds and excellent and legal operating venues.
    The second investor should be able to identify the development and business philosophy of the courier company, and can complete the task requirements given by the company well.
    The third investor must have a good business consciousness and the hard work of hard work.
    The fourth investor must have a long -term plan for the development of express companies, and can adhere to the principle of unity, integrity, integrity, optimistic spirit, and actively face the pressure of life and work.
    The fifth investor must love the express delivery industry, take the customer as the respect, and serve each customer carefully and carefully. It can have better experience in the express delivery industry. Investors must personally operate, and daily things need to be personally done.
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    Baidu Encyclopedia-Express Industry

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