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  1. Generally speaking, the business of frozen food is relatively easy to do, but now the epidemic is more serious. The cold chain spread of frozen food is an important way to spread the epidemic. Including the prevention and control of the epidemic, everyone is relatively small to go out to eat. Well, it is not very prosperous now.
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  2. Frozen business is now popular. Really, you do n’t find the right market. In fact, the demand for frozen foods is very large. In another way, you have different gains!
    I know that one of the frozen business is particularly good, and the income a day has tens of thousands. In the New Year, the income can reach dozens of losses. However, this boss is very stingy. If you ask him, I guess I can't ask any door, but if you think about the strategy, you will know the way of doing this business. I can tell you his contact information, but you really ask if you really ask if you really ask if you really ask if you do What I go out, I have provided him with the goods, and he kept me, not to mention that you are just a stranger, but you can start with his accounting. You should wait until you operate this way. I wish you good luck!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am very happy to answer your questions. 1. Frozen business is still easy to do. The key is to see how many in your market. 2. Don't put too much on the goods at the beginning, but the variety must be complete. 3. Various fish ball hot pot balls. There are also quick -frozen dumplings and the like, pay attention to the date of production, and try to press the goods as little as possible. 4. Because frozen foods are also paying attention to the shelf life. As for the supply of supply, I don't know how much you are there, but you can go to other markets to cry there. See where the cars they deliver are from 5. You can refer to my opinion, I hope my answer can help you.

  4. Frozen foods are divided into cooling foods and frozen foods. Frozen foods are easy to keep them. They are widely used in the production, transportation and storage of easy -to -rot foods such as meat, poultry, aquatic, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits; nutrition, convenience, hygiene, and economy; The market demand is large, occupying an important position in developed countries, and developing rapidly in developing countries.
    This name
    frozen food
    cooling food and frozen foods
    The characteristics
    easy to save
    Production, transportation and storage;
    The application of new frozen technology in food influencing factors in food industry transformation
    Concept classification
    cooling food : Do not freeze, it is food that reduces the temperature of the food to near the freezing point and keeps at this temperature.
    Frozen food: It is a food that is saved at the temperature below the freezing point after freezing.
    The freezing food and frozen food can be divided into five major categories: fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, meat and poultry eggs, rice noodles, and convenient foods according to raw materials and consumption forms.
    The invention
    The 17th -century writer and philosopher Francis Bacon tried to freeze the cedar into a chicken. Unexpectedly, it was cold and soon ill. Even before bacon's unfortunate experiments, people knew that extreme cold could prevent the meat from being "bad". This has made the rich landlords set up an ice cellar that can save food in their estate.
    The trials of these early frozen foods did not seize the key to the problem. Rather than the degree of frozen, it is the key to frozen, which is the key to freezing meat. Probably the first person to recognize this is the inventor Kracens Berz Edi.
    did not be sold in large quantities when the refrigerators became increasingly popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Soon after, the famous red, white, and blue packaging in Berz Edii existing in many parts of the world in many parts of the world became familiar landscapes.
    In Bez Eyi traveled a census of wild plants while traveling on the Labrador Panel, Canada. He noticed that the weather was so cold, and he was frozen for a while after he caught a fish. He wanted to know whether this was the key to food preservation.
    Different from Bacon, Berz Eyi lived in the era of freezer. After returning home in 1923, he used a freezer in his kitchen to do experiments. Then, Berz Eyi tried to freeze a variety of different types of edible meat at a larger freezer. Berz Eye finally discovered that the fastest way to frozen food was to press the meat between two frozen metal plates. By the 1930s, he had prepared to start selling frozen foods produced by the Springfield factory in Massachusetts.
    For Berz Eyi, frozen food soon became a big business. Even before his high -efficiency double -board frozen process, his company reached 500 tons of fruits and vegetables a year Frozen amount

  5. Very low
    The market competition is large
    The wholesale. Source
    The new merchants do not have the sales channels of old customers and various restaurants cafeterias. Lost money or do not make money to sell

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