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  1. SF's electronic invoice shows: tax control invoicing error: 09d103: The invoice has been used up. The processing method is as follows:
    1, first, follow SF Express's WeChat public account "SF Express".

    2, followed by, enter the SF interface, click "I"-"Wallet"-"Invoice application".

    3. Then, click "Invoice Application", all the orders that have not issued an invoice will automatically appear, and other express delivery must enter the shipping order number by yourself Select an order that requires invoicing, improve the unit information, fill in the address of the receiving electronic invoice, the invoice will go to the specified address in a few seconds, and you can download it to print.

    "No paper invoices are provided on the spot, you can send electronic invoices to your mailbox, but you must pay attention to it first Official WeChat, invoiced through the public account! "A few days ago, Chen Yingtao, a citizen of Nantong, also encountered the trouble of asking for invoices when McDonald's consumes. Also need to pay attention to the WeChat public account to open electronic invoices is SF Express.
    The reporter called SF Express customer service to learn that SF can also issue and mail a paper invoice, but if the amount of invoicing is within 300 yuan, it needs to be charged 8 to 11 yuan. , And do not support "getting tickets to the door", consumers need to go to the designated outlets to pick up tickets by themselves.
    The consumption invoicing is what should be reasonable, why becomes difficult? "No hardly stipulates that enterprises must help consumers print invoices." The staff of Nantong Taxation Department told reporters that the "Announcement" of the State Administration of Taxation 2015 clearly states that if the invoicer and the subject need paper invoice, they can print the general VAT electronic invoice by themselves by themselves. The layout file.

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