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  1. As of September 2020, the global satellite navigation system has been built:
    1, GPS Global Navigation Positioning System (United States)
    GPS is the Global System. It is developed in the United States since the 1970s and lasted 20 years. It cost $ 20 billion, which was fully completed in 1994. It has a new generation of satellite navigation and positioning systems with a comprehensive real -time real -time three -dimensional navigation and positioning function in sea, land, and air.
    GPS has since appeared, and has attracted many users with its high accuracy, all -weather, global coverage, and convenient and flexible. GPS is not only the patron saint of cars, but also a wisdom star managed by the logistics industry. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, GPS has a pivotal role and has become the second largest consumer group after the automotive market.
    2, GNS Galileo Navigation System (EU)
    GNS's full name is Galileo Satellite System, Galileo satellite navigation system. It is a global satellite navigation positioning system developed and established by the EU. The EU 2002 officially launched the development and deployment of the navigation system, which lasted for 14 years. It was put into operation in 2016 and officially provided navigation services.
    Galileo navigation system will be composed of 30 satellites (adjusted to 24 working satellites and 6 backup satellites). It is planned to be launched in 2020.
    3, Glonass satellite navigation system (Russia)
    glonass is the full name of Global Satellite System, Glonas satellite navigation system, which is a global satellite navigation positioning system developed and established by Russia.
    The navigation system project launched by the Soviet Union in 1976, which was continued to be implemented by Russia after the project. The system began to operate in 2007, when it was only open to Russia's satellite positioning and navigation services. By 2009, its service scope has expanded to the world. The main service content of the system includes the coordinates and movement speed information of land, maritime and air targets.
    4, BDS Beidou Satellite Navigation System (China)
    BDS is the full name of Beidou Satellite System, Beidou Satellite Navigation System. It is a global satellite navigation system that has fully developed and operated independently. The third mature satellite navigation system.
    The development of the Beidou Satellite Navigation Test System (Beidou No. 1) in 1994 in 1994, which lasted 26 years, launched the last network satellite on June 23, 2020. At this time, all 46 networking satellites ( 16 Beidou No. 2 satellites, 30 Beidou No. 3 satellites) deployment.

    extension information:
    The principles of satellite navigation system
    24 GPS satellites at a high altitude of 12,000 kilometers from the ground It is surrounded by the earth with a 12 -hour cycle, so that at any time, any one of the satellites can be observed at any point on the ground.
    It because the position of the satellite is accurate, in the GPS observation, the distance from the satellite to the receiving machine, using the distance formula in the three -dimensional coordinates, using 3 satellites to form 3 equations, solve the location of the observation point ( X, y, z).
    Finding the error between the clock of the satellite and the receiver clock, there are actually 4 unknown, the difference between X, Y, Z, and clocks, so the fourth satellite needs Get the latitude and height of the observation point.
    In fact, the receiver can often lock more than 4 satellites. At this time, the receiver can be distributed in several groups according to the satellite constellation. Positioning to improve accuracy.

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