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  1. Labor agency method: First of all, there are some connections. After all, the fundamental labor company is responsible for selling human resources.
    If you want to make it bigger, then it is essential to have characteristics, establish a brand, and form a good reputation. Only then will someone trust it and make a profit.
    The labor agency companies generally need to apply for the "Professional Intermediary License", business license, organization code, tax registration certificate, etc. If you want to manage your certification documents.
    The documents and materials required:
    The professional qualification certificate for employment; labor agency permits issued by the labor security department; office space and employees with compliance; registered funds that meet the prescribed regulations;
    The business license to the industrial and commercial department with the above four o'clock. Expanded information about labor intermediaries' labor agencies are institutions that provide human resources to the organization. The form of labor intermediaries in my country is the temporary labor market, a fixed labor introduction agency, a talent exchange center at all levels, and a headhunter company specializing in providing senior management personnel.
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