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  1. Golden sandalwood belongs to the noble green handle mulberry. This kind of wood usually grows in the tropical rain forest area. Its epidermis color is light yellow. It takes more than a hundred years of material time. It is relatively precious. And the texture of Jinsi sandalwood is more detailed and mild, usually used to create high -end furniture.
    Golden silk sandalwood (alias: Wusdan), Sumu family small shoe Mumo bean belongs to Gemini plant. It is a large tree, about 45m high, and a diameter of more than 1.0m; the growth wheel is slightly obvious, the trees are scarce, and it is only 100-200 years. It is wood for tropical rain forest areas such as Gabon and Cameroon in Africa.
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  2. Golden Sandalwood is really Nato, also known as Nattato and glue wood, which is the general name of some plants in the genus Plastic wood family. There are about 115 species of this plant, which are distributed in southeastern Asia and the Pacific islands. Common tree species include ovarian gel wood, Booker gum, and solid tower gum.
    The industry standard SB/T 10758-2012 Modern names of mahogany commercial names, other woods other than mahogany should not use mahogany commercial names. It can be seen from the standard Appendix A that the golden Sandalwood is the irregular name of the Nattota family of the Shanliang family.
    This plants are trees with emulsion. The top of the branch has a ball -shaped bud. The leaves are clustered and leather; there are support leaves, often falling early. Flowers or clusters of leaf axils are sometimes born in short flowers at the apex of the branches, and the base of the flower stems has bracts; calyx is often 6 cracks; 2 rounds; corolla cracks 4-6; stamens are usually 12-18, 2-3 rounds, born in corolla The throat, the flowers of the flower, and the venostic diamond shape; Berry, long spherical or oval spherical, peel meat. Seeds 1-3, blisters are wide, often 1/2 of the seeds, hypertrophy, meat, and embryonic.
    Callow green trees, about 35 m in height, and chest diameter can reach 1.0 m. The surface of the material has obvious deep edges, the slot edges are obvious, and it looks slightly red and thick. The thickness of the bark is 1.0-3.0 cm, hard and crispy, and easy to fall off. The outer skin is green and gray -brown; The endothelium is reddish brown; the cigarette fiber is more developed; the stone cells are developed and granular, mainly concentrated in the outer skin. Fresh bark will leak white sap.
    species value
    wood is suitable for rotating and cutting veneers, plywood, shaving thin wood, furniture, light architecture, floor, fine woodwork, indoor decoration, ordinary wood products, etc. The wood bark contains milk, which can be made of Gaspubo.

  3. Sandalwood, its wood is hard, the aroma is fragrant, the color is gorgeous, and the poison is not invaded. Sandalwood furniture has always been considered as nobles in furniture, and rosewood furniture can only be used by the royal family during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Whether golden sandalwood and Chijin Sandalwood belong to sandalwood.

    This did not query clearly on the Internet. Only some websites described it as high -quality furniture wood with good hardness, scarce materials, and high collection value. "If you believe the introduction on the Internet, it will be troublesome, and everyone can edit it. It was written by wood merchants to spend money. Two kinds of wood and sandalwood actually had no dime. I just wanted to get the heat of sandalwood furniture. To sell it well, "Mr. Wang said.

    "In fact, gold silk sandalwood, red sandalwood and 椇 is not suitable for furniture. If you buy it, you may crack or deform if it is not long. If it is short for a year and a half, it will be two or three years long. It mainly depends on how long the manufacturer can support the wax on the surface of the furniture. "Mr. Wang revealed that this kind of wood can be There is not much value -added space, but because consumers do not understand, their profit margins are large, so they are highly respected by merchants.

    A sandalwood furniture is very popular in the market, and many people will buy a set for collection. And the popular golden sandalwood on the market is not the sandalwood furniture we know. In fact, it is just a commodity name taken by merchants to meet the market demand.

    It gold silk sandalwood is a business name. It actually belongs to the wood species of the bean family. It grows in tropical rain forests such as Gabon and Cameroon in Africa. Thick, like the spots on the zebra, there is a sense of metal on the color, so it also becomes a big zebra wood.

    . Its wood is hard, corrosion -resistant, and has a beautiful texture. It is a good furniture material, but the drying rate is slow and the material is low.

    Since 2016, the concept of golden sandalwood has quietly got angry, but in fact, it does not have much to do with sandalwood, but it is the popularity of sandalwood furniture, and the merchant is for profit.

    The people saying that the golden silk sandalwood and Chijin sandalwood claimed by the merchants in the market are actually not suitable for furniture. For merchants, profit margins are extremely large.

    In August 1, 2012, some non -mahogany wood commercial names released on August 1, 2012 are written in the name of Nantamu, which belongs to the Shanlan family, produced in Southeast Asia, produced in Southeast Asia. The non -standard name is gold silk sandalwood and silver silk.

    The characteristics of this kind of wood are slightly slow or slower, and 40mm thick plate material takes 6 months. Drying slightly cracks, surface cracks and splitting.

    A sandalwood furniture has always been a noble in furniture, and the golden sandalwood popular in the market is just a business name, which is actually a different tree species.

  4. Many friends want to buy Jinsi Nanmu bracelets, or other crafts from Jin Si Nan, but after adding our WeChat, I do n’t know how to choose. I often let us introduce Kim Li Nanmu. I hope it will be helpful to the wooden friends who love Golden Siman.

    Golden silk nanmu (Xiaoye Yinan) Tiger

    Golden silk Nanmu is my country's national wood, the country's second -level protection plant. Most of the ancient golden silk nanmu was used as furniture materials or building materials. By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was examples of the royal wood. Ordinary people cannot use golden silk nanmu. Golden silk nanmu tree rods are thick, and the tree -shaped pen is the first material of the pillars of the hall or the beam. Golden Nanmu has a natural aroma, and the backworm does not invade, so it is also very advantageous to make furniture in Jinshi Nanmu, and the aroma of Jinsi Nanmu has a health function to the human body.

    Golden silk Nanmu (Da Ye Xunnan) Table

    The types of gold Silin can be divided into old materials, gloomy materials and new materials. Old materials refer to wild forests. New materials refer to artificially planted. The gloomy material is to bury the roots of golden nanmu trees under the riverbed or mud under the earthquake and other geological changes in ancient times. After geological changes, the golden silk tree material, which is now discovered, is also known as the ebony Golden Silkan.

    The tree species of Golden Silkni Wood generally refer to Xiaoye Yannan. There are also big Ye Xunan, Golden Nan, Bai Nan, Shui Nan, Runnan, etc. on the market, also known as Jin Si Nan. But Xiaoye Nannan is the most precious. Generally, we use small Ye Xunan to make bracelets, small pieces, etc. Some merchants will also make bracelets with big Ye Xunnan, and Xiaoye Nannan will be sold. Muyou should pay attention to distinguish.
    Furniture, the tea tray will be made with other nanmu. Of course, it is also made of small leaves, and the price is very different.

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