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  1. How to be a successful salesman. Sales workers need a certain quality. Some of this qualities are inherently possessing, but they are more of the hard work of the day after tomorrow. Sales ability is also the basis for entrepreneurship.

    ◆ Familiar with the characteristics of the products they sell. Advantages, disadvantages, price strategies, technology, varieties, specifications, propaganda and promotion, competitive products, alternative products. Especially in front of customers, pay attention to showing that they are very familiar with products.

    ◆ Familiar with the target customers who sell products. These target customers need to classify, which are core customers, those non -core customers, which are key customers, and which are non -key customers. Strategy and methods. The time and energy of different types of customers are different.

    ◆ Familiar with the market of the product. How are the market subdivided, what are the competitors, what are the market capacity, how are the geographical distribution of customers and the time distribution of products, and the short-term development trend of the product market (the development trend of the next 2-3 years).

    ◆ When promoting the product, it is necessary to arrange the time reasonably, and reasonable space allocation should be made according to the customer's purchase habits and geographical location. Pay attention to methods and strategies. The sales are not blindly dry. We must summarize experiences at any time and continue to improve. In addition, sales also have such characteristics, that is, it is very difficult to start at first, and there is no way to get started. As time grows, it will gradually enter a good situation. Many business opportunities will be tapped from it. The process of sales is also a process of expanding interpersonal communication. Through this activity, the interpersonal network will expand a lot, and the amount of information will increase a lot. These interpersonal networks and market information will provide a lot of opportunities for further entrepreneurship.
    Formula 1: Success = Knowledge Human Beat
    Formula 2: Success = good attitude good execution power

    ◆ Sales products are promoting themselves to introduce themselves, selling themselves than marketing Products are more important

    ◆ Continuous distribution business cards

    ◆ At any time, they must be consistent and deeds, that is, to ensure customer confidence

    ◆ Customers Not only buying your product, but also your service spirit and service attitude.

    ◆ In terms of physical movement and language speed, the language and movement of the customer

    ◆ It is necessary to make a plan and make a plan to improve the efficiency of time, improve the efficiency of time, improve the efficiency of time, improve the efficiency of time, improve the efficiency of time, improve the efficiency of time, improve Sales effect. When formulating a plan, the corresponding preparations should be made according to the characteristics of the customer. Of course, the plan is not fixed, and the environment and conditions will be adjusted at any time. The main content of the plan is: the schedule of the next few days, what materials should be prepared in the next few days, how to prepare what materials and how to tap potential customers (where are the potential customers), short -term sales goals. If necessary, you must formulate a sales schedule. There are generally several contents of the sales schedule. One is a short content confession, the other is the task goal of sales, and the other is the actual completion. The sales progress table is based on the weekly unit and is formulated once a week. One week, the main purpose of the sales schedule is to find out the law of sales. What is the reason for the completion or unfinished reason? Is it subjective or objective. Is the sales skills immature or the root cause of the poor execution through this form of analysis and put forward a way to improve.

    ◆ As a good daily sales diary, the ideal record is to query the specific situation of each sales record at any time, make a customer visit record, and master the dynamics of customers at any time. Make a customer record, and from time to time, the customer classification and analysis are performed, and the information of any customer can be queried at any time.

    ◆ Study customer psychology. One is to adopt different ways according to the individual psychological characteristics of the customer (read books on research psychology), and the other is different methods according to the characteristics of the customer's units. For example, there are differences in customers of public units and private units. The other is to know where the customer's real needs are. Before contacting the customer, the customer must analyze the information of the customer

    ◆ Learn to negotiate. Be good at smiling and listening, and achieve a win -win situation. Consider the problem from the perspective of customers.

    ◆ The technique of promoting the promotion is not forced to sell to customers, but to guide customers from the perspective of customers. Customers sometimes pay attention to your service spirit more than products. In reality, the sales are not completed at one time. They often need to communicate with customers multiple times. In communication, some sales will fail and some will succeed. Therefore, we must make reasonable choice, some can give up, some should continue to work hard, some are short -term customers, and some are unsuccessful for the time being, but as long as they have a good relationship, there is hope of success in the long run, and they cannot give up. Understand the real needs of customers. Some customers actually have demand, but he immediately reveals you, so sometimes you have to run a few times to have information, and some need to reveal the message when you get closer to the other party

    ◆ I want to want Understand the humanity. Some unreasonable requirements for customers must be tolerated and considered.

    ◆ To understand the importance of old customers. Maintaining the cost and effect of old customers in marketing is much more useful than looking for a new customer. At the same time, old customers have social relations, and his social relationship can be used by you.

    ◆ What kind of marketing method is used, telephone sales? Online marketing? On -site sales? Mailing method? Direct sales of television? Sales by sending products? Using wholesale? retail? Approval of zero camp? acting? What kind of payment method is used? The above -mentioned various product sales methods should choose one or some of them according to the characteristics of the products sold and the company's situation.

    ◆ Sales are also a way of interpersonal communication in another sense, so in a sense, learning to sell is actually learning to be a life.

    ◆ Sales personnel must have good psychological quality. The most common phenomenon that the most often encounters during sales is to be refused indifferent, so they must bear the phenomenon of being rejected, neglected, and tragedy. Another phenomenon during sales is that it is not allowed to enter the door. This is to reach the goal. Especially pay attention to overcoming inertia and overcoming fear.

    ◆ When the direct means cannot approach the target, sometimes learn curve attack.

    ◆ A good image appears in front of customers. This image includes clothing, talked, and necessary etiquette. Especially pay attention to the first impression of customers. There must be the ability to get closer to the psychological and emotional distance from customers.

    ◆ How to deal with customers is also a difficult problem. Handling disputes is a very artistic thing. This thing is not easy to study now. The causes of disputes are different, and the processing methods are different. Different types of disputes should be used in different methods, which are continuously explored in this practice. When the dispute occurs, the first principle is that you do not suffer. But sometimes I have a little loss and the effect is more effective. The second principle is that it does not have a big conflict with customers and strives to maintain a relationship. The third principle is to deal with the skills of disputes. This technique does not discuss here. (Common disputes such as product quality, customers pay in time, do not delivery in time, customers do not comply with contracts, unsatisfactory product styles, unreasonable prices, after -sales service, etc. Random response)

    ◆ Usually pay more attention to the successful sales staff. After all, success cannot be rely on theory. In this industry, experience and ability are more important than theory.

    ◆ Sometimes you need to use the strength of the team, and sometimes you can ask others when you encounter problems that you cannot solve. But usually do not ask for help easily and try to solve it yourself.

    ◆ Note that the market information in sales is very important

    sometimes can adopt unconventional methods, and sometimes it is possible to achieve jump development. To innovate, innovate, and innovate, others are also developing. If you have to achieve greater results than others, you must continue to innovate. The key to why Haier develops faster than others is to be good at innovation.

    This to use the strength of others. After all, the strength of individuals alone is limited. Even if it can be successful, it is also limited. Why the establishment of a company can accelerate development, mainly because the company can gather the power of others
    Oshin how to be an excellent sales representative

    The primary task of sales representatives is sales. If there is no sales, there is no hope of the product. There is no hope for the company. At the same time, the work of sales representatives is still expanding. Only sales are unwilling to sell, because you sell products or services, and only if you continue to expand the market can you establish a long -term market position and win long -term market share, to be enterprises for enterprises The sales channels have established important intangible assets and won stable performance for themselves.
    What kind of mentality should they have as an excellent sales representative?

    . Sincerity

    The attitude is the basic requirement to determine whether a person can succeed in doing things. As a salesperson, you must hold a sincere heart and treat customers sincerely Only when you treat colleagues can others respect you and treat you as friends. Business representatives are the image of an enterprise and the embodiment of the quality of the enterprise. It is the hub connecting enterprises and society, consumers, and dealers. Therefore, the attitude of business representatives directly affects the sales volume of the company.

    . Self -confidence

    The faith is a kind of power. First of all, you must be confident in yourself. When you start working every day, you must encourage yourself. Model ‖ 模 ⌒ ⌒ 判 判 崾 崾 愀 愀 愀 α α α α � � � � � � � 峁 峁 └ └ 叩 氖 氖 氖 氖 模 牟 牟 牟 � � � � 模 模 模 模 模. With the advantages of your own products and remembering these in your heart, to compete with your opponents, you must have your own advantages. You must face customers and consumers with a belief of winning.

    The as a sales representative, you are not only selling goods, you are also selling yourself. If you accept you, you will accept your product.

    The world Kinis record creator, known as the king of car sales, Joe Gillard, has sold more than 1,600 cars in retail in the year, with an average of nearly five per day. When he went to the car salesman, the boss asked him, did you sell the car? He said, no, but I sell overdue supplies and promotes electrical appliances. I can sell them, indicating that I can promote myself, and of course, and of course, they can also sell cars.

    knows that there is no power, I believe that there is power. The reason why Joe Gelard can succeed is because he has a confidence and believes that he can do it.

    . Be a heart -interested person

    "Pay attention to learning everywhere", to develop the habit of diligent thinking, and be good at summarizing sales experience. Review your work every day to see what places do well. Why? It's not good, why? Ask yourself a few more? Only by discovering the lack of work and promoting yourself to continuously improve the work method. Only by improving the ability can you seize the opportunity.

    Opportunities are equal for everyone. As long as you are in your heart, you will definitely become the leader of the industry. When Taiwanese entrepreneur Wang Yongqing first started running his own rice store, he recorded that the customer bought the rice time every time, and remember that there were a few people in the family. In this way, he counted the people who could eat rice rice for a few days. When it was finished, he gave it. Customers send it. It is Wang Yongqing's carefulness that has developed his career.

    As a sales representative, every change of customers must understand, work hard to grasp every detail, be a careless person, constantly improve themselves, and create a more exciting life.

    . The toughness

    The sales work is actually very hard, which requires business representatives to have hard work and persistent toughness. "Eat bitter and bitter, and people are superior." Half of the sales work are running out with your feet. You must continue to visit customers, coordinate customers, and even follow consumers to provide services. Sales work is by no means smooth sailing. The indomitable spirit.

    A American star Stallon recommended himself in order to play movies before he became famous. After he touched 1,500 walls, he finally had a movie company. Willing to use him. Since then, he has embarked on the film industry, relying on his tenacity and toughness, and interpreted many tough guys, becoming one of the most famous movie stars in Hollywood.

    Sales representing problems every day, is it more difficult than Stallron encountered? No.

    five. Good psychological quality

    has good psychological quality to face setbacks and not discouraged. Each customer has different backgrounds, and has different personalities and methods of life. If you are hit by yourself, you must be able to maintain a calm attitude. You must analyze the customer, constantly adjust your mentality, improve your working methods so that you can face all responsibilities and difficulties Essence Only in this way can we overcome difficulties. At the same time, you must not be proud of for a moment of smoothness. It is noted that "joy is very sad". Only in this way can you be able to win or lose.

    . Communication ability

    everyone has strengths, and may not be required to be exquisite and able to speak, but we must communicate with others to cultivate themselves Communicate, make as much friends as much as possible, so there will be more opportunities. You must know that there are more friends to go. In addition, friends are also resources. You must know that if you have resources, you will not succeed and make good use of resources.

    7. Passion

    The enthusiasm is an emotion with infectious power. He can drive people around you to pay attention to something. At that time, your customers will also "invest in Li, report it to peach." When you walk on the road, you happen to meet your customers. You stretched out your hand and greet the other person with enthusiasm. Perhaps, he hasn't encountered people who valued him so long for a long time. Transaction.

    8. The knowledge should be wide

    Sales representatives should deal with people of various levels. The topics and content of different people are different, only With a wide range of knowledge, we can have a common topic with the other party and to talk about speculation. Therefore, it is necessary to involve various books, regardless of astronomy, geography, literature and art, news, sports, etc., as long as you have time, you can develop the habit of continuous learning.

    . The sense of responsibility

    Segasm representatives represent your company. If you have no sense of responsibility, your customers will learn from you, which will not only affect it Your sales will also affect the company's image. Undoubtedly, this will cause damage to the market.

    The family of three lived in a new house. When the wife and son were not particular about hygiene, the wife and son wrote a slogan at home: everyone is hygienic, everyone is responsible. After the son returned home from school, he met the slogan and changed the slogan to "hygiene, adults are responsible." The next day, the husband saw it, and also took out the pen to change the slogan to "hygiene, the lady is responsible."

    although this is a joke, it shows a problem. Responsibility cannot be shown. Only responsible for responsibility, just like the one in the story, how can we make the family more hygienic? First of all, we must pay attention to hygiene and not shirk responsibility. As a sales representative, your sense of responsibility is your reputation, your sense of responsibility determines your performance.

    . The negotiation force

    The business representatives are always negotiating. The process of negotiation is a process of persuasion, which is to find the process of the best interests of both parties. Before the negotiations, you must figure out the situation of the other party. The so -called confidant and knowing the other. The more you understand the other person, the more beneficial it is for yourself.

    grandson said, knowing and knowing the other, and the battle is all over. The performance of the negotiation is not that you can talk endlessly, but that you can grasp the points, first meet the needs of customers, and meet your needs. When both parties have objections, you depend on how much information you usually have the customer. Then, the more information you have, the better your initiative may be used. The purpose of negotiation is to achieve win -win and mutual benefit.

    The business representative should develop the habit of thinking and diligent in summary. If the customers you face every day are different, you must negotiate in different ways and reach the most satisfactory transaction with customers. This is the purpose of your negotiation.

    The former national football head coach Milu said: The mentality determines everything! I believe that the Gate of Lucky is always open to the people who are rewarded by heaven. There is no humble work in the world, only a humble work attitude. As a sales representative, you can only use a humble mentality to face every day's work. Success must be waiting for you and me not far away.

    During the sales process, I found a strange problem. For a new development market, a sales representative with a lack of business capabilities, but as long as he is prepared, his performance must be high high. For a business ability than him, but the business representatives that are not prepared, why? Although in the process of sales, it is affected by many related factors, the most important thing is that you have to understand what you want to do? There are no first -class salespersons, only first -class preparators.

    Per two of the work week of sales representatives, repeat yesterday's work content every day, but you must understand that the customers you face every day are different. Zhang Ruimin's Zhang Ruimin once said such a sentence: Repeating simple things can do not make things that are not simple. Make your own ordinary day, but not mediocre.

    The sales representative from getting up to rest. What do you have to do on this day? The author sorted out the training notes three years ago, and maybe it is inspired by friends who have just joined the industry.

    1. Prepare before work

    Mef up on time every day, wake up quickly. Tell yourself that the work of the new day is about to begin. It is full of vitality and can exercise appropriately.

    In the melody to check whether it takes the necessary supplies for sales, such as business cards, pens, notebooks, product information, etc.

    In on the way to work, you can say hello to enthusiastic and knowledgeable people. If possible, you can take a look at the newspaper of the day or recent news.

    The as much as possible to the company for 10-20 minutes in advance, and actively participate in the company's cleaning activities before work.

    It simply, there must be a positive mentality before work, and a happy mood!

    2. After signing in the company

    iculous reporting to the supervisor or the relevant person in charge, simply report your work plan, clarify the sales goals and priorities of the day, and formulate the visit route in detail, and remedy for remedy Measures, the more detailed the plan is. Before going out, contact and confirm the scheduled visiting object, and check whether the sales tools are complete:

    1) The directory of the product, the order list, delivery list

    2) Related materials negotiated with customers: such as business cards, customer information, customer records, price lists, telephone books, recorders, calculators, product descriptions, samples, product photos, product advertisements, and other promotional materials.

    3, preparations before the visit

    1) Learn the name, age, address, telephone, experience, interests, family conditions, social relationships, recent recent recent Business situation, etc.

    2) You must master the sales of competitors at any time and the evaluation of ordinary customers to understand the latest changes and product information of colleagues and related products.

    3) Make a strict visit plan, and cooperate with the customer's time to visit, trying to discover the buyers with the right to decide, and find a way to approach him.

    4) Prepare the topic of the conversation, be prepared for psychological preparation, and have a countermeasure for the other party's inquiry and bargaining, so as to do it.

    4, after seeing the customer

    1) polite, clear self -introduction, the attitude should be mild, not humble.

    2) We must listen carefully to the other party's speech and express their care. When asking the other party, you should be stable.

    3) You must know how to grasp the customer's heart. First of all, you must do the following points:

    ① must be confident

    ② attitude must be sincere, strive to strive The favors of the other party

    ③ In the conversation, they must be smiling, and the expression is happy

    ④ The words should be concise, not to be verbal, the question is clear, can be targeted at the question
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n ⑤ Pay attention to the advantages of the other party, and give praise appropriately

    ⑥ In the process of negotiating, you must not argue with your customers fiercely

    ⑦ inducing customers can answer the positive words

    iu to think for the other party, maximize the benefits brought by the analysis

    4) Talking with the customer must follow the class

    ① Seeing the customer, the first is greeting, respecting the smoke, respecting the smoke. Then chat, give gifts

    ② further approach the customer, stimulate the interest of the product

    ③ Tell the customer that the product can bring him the interests

    ④ proposed transactions, the transaction, Promote the order or delivery of customers immediately

    ⑤ Acceptance of the goods

    ⑥ After a business is made, do not rush to leave, continue to talk to the customer in order to establish a long -term construction of a long time Cooperate and tell him that he can provide him at any time.

    5, after get off work, check the daily work, summarize the gains and losses

    1) Fill in the daily business newspaper table

    2) Check whether the business is carried out as planned as planned Whether to complete the task in accordance with the plan

    3) Write daily marketing diary, summarize the working method, complain about the customer's complaints in a timely manner, make a memorandum, and report it to the superiors in a timely manner.

    4) The contents of the marketing diary include:

    ① The description of the work conditions

    ② the summary, opinions and suggestions of work gains and losses

    ③ improvement method

    ④ Customer opinion and suggestions

    How to handle

    ⑥ work perception and feelings
    6, list list The work plan the next day

    1) For things that need to be treated urgently or particularly important, it is included in the priority of the next day.

    2) Determine the work focus, formulate preliminary visit routes, and eliminate unimportant things.

    3) Customers who need time to agreed in advance, appointment time

    4) Sales target and related work of other departments required by the company

    For for For sales representatives, being able to complete a day of sales in accordance with the plan and satisfy your customers, this will be the greatest gratitude. But for a successful sales representative, whether it can provide customers with a full range of services will be the basis for his successful sales.

    of course, the work of sales representatives is full of changes. We must be able to grasp the time flexibly, face customers flexibly, and use sales skills flexibly. At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish between the primary and secondary and the priority. Although this is the reason, we must know that the only constant thing in the world is the change. Use the standard code of behavior to ask yourself, but you cannot tie your hands and feet like a rope, which affects the performance.

    The market is an open, homogeneous and multi -variety market. For many products, it is similar to most of its functions, but the selling points are different. What should I do when the product itself does not have an advantage? How to complete sales and continue to develop?

    I I think, only through high -quality and perfect service systems to provide customers with more benefits to achieve their satisfaction. However, the satisfaction of customers is only the first step in the product entering the distribution channel. The ultimate purpose of the product is to achieve the consumer's satisfaction and complete the thrilling of the product in the sales chain to the money. In order to achieve channel dealers and consumption In this process, the satisfaction of the person can only achieve the goal through high -quality services.

    Prior to the 1990s, the front -line sales staff of the enterprise mostly established a solid customer relationship through their three -inch tongue, through buddy's righteousness, invitation, pulling relationships and other means. The client relationship is close, and there is a certain sales volume. At that time, China was an era of commodity shortage and a demand market. As long as the product is continuously sent to the customer (dealer), there is no sales that cannot be sold thing. After more than ten years of market economy baptism, the current market situation is very different from then. Let customers (dealers) and consumers have no confidence. In this case, it is not enough to rely on emotional contact. What is needed is a standardized service system, which eventually achieves a win -win situation of manufacturers, dealers, and consumers.

    The two groups they want to serve are: customers (or dealers) and consumers. Let's talk about how to serve customers (or dealers)?

    The pre -sale service -The good start is half of the successful sales

    The pre -sale service is to communicate and exchange with him on the shelves that the product has not reached the dealer. In the process, guide dealers to make it a process of understanding your products and interested. In this process, we must grasp some of the performance of customers. These performances can capture the psychology of dealers and accelerate the opportunity of transactions. Interested customers will have the following performances:

    1. Listen to you more seriously and chat with you naturally. This shows that he has a good opinion of you, willing to communicate with you, to seize the opportunity and deepen the feelings of both parties.

    2, keep watching the product, even holding love. This shows that he is interested in the product. The purpose of him is to find some problems and see if there is any dissatisfaction. At this time, he must dispel his doubts and enhance his confidence.

    3, want to know more about products and companies. He wants to know more comprehensive the background of the product that will be distributed in the future. At this time, he must introduce it concisely. He asked him to tell him more when you introduce it in detail.

    4, carefully inquire about price and distribution policies, rebates, discounts, etc., and even some objections, such as too high prices, darker packaging colors, too many similar products. Through these issues, it is necessary to explain patiently. Through different comparisons, such as high prices, but there are more quantities than similar products, consumers are more willing to buy affordable products. In this way, do you sell too much? Selling too much, I earned too much!

    The performance of customers should be grasped in time, responded carefully, and answered customer questions. At the same time, we must be able to understand others in good faith. In the appropriate time, you can provide customers with some good suggestions. The quotes of non -similar products can expand the scope of communication with customers and enhance feelings.

    In communication with customers, pay attention to strategies, do not tell him all the advantages of your company, products, etc., so that you have a room for rotation to create a better induction of customers. condition.

    The customer is a businessman, and often because of the protection of self -interest. When he does not fully understand the benefits that the product brings to him or meets his requirements, he may refuse. As a salesperson, what should I do if they want to create opportunities and eventually reach sales?

    Me your mind to keep calm in mind, and be able to decisively propose the transaction signal. There is a simple three -step transaction method:

    On step: Introduce the advantage of the product to the customer

    Step 2: Solicit the recognition of the customer's advantage r

    In Step 3: When the customer agrees with this advantage that the product has, the requirements for transactions to the customer

    If it is not successful, continue to put forward new advantages to the customer until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it achieves until it has reached the reach trade. Of course, not every customer accepts your products and your service. You can end the customer's visit and leave a word for the next visit for reasons.

    If sales -good customer relationship is the bond of continuous development of business

    Weing the first step of our market sales staff completed the marketing Customer recognition, it has been traded, what else do you have to do below? For the list of quasi -customers we have established, we must visit regularly. For customers with a small amount of purchase, but he has sales potential, it is necessary to increase the number of visits and deepen the impression with the customer. At the same time very good.

    Cuishing a good customer relationship is the main task of sales services. You must bring your ideas to promote the current sales status of customers. The customer's perspective, for him, use his own sales experience to help your customers.

    In order to be able to achieve your sales goals for a long time, after sending the product to the client's shelves, there are more important jobs to do.

    1. "Education" your customers

    is "education" because many customers cannot understand the needs of consumers more scientifically. What kind of shopping environment do consumers like to change their deficiencies, improve the shopping environment, and increase sales volume.

    1) Generally speaking, consumers are more willing to go to the place where the goods are prepared

    ◆ There is the latest products in the market

    Products for advertising

    ◆ There are complete daily small department stores

    2) Consumers are more willing to go to a place with good service and good atmosphere

    ◆ First of all, you must have a deep understanding of the product

    ◆ It can help and guide consumers to buy

    ◆ Friendly and kind service attitude, easy to approach

    3) Consumers are more willing to go to the clean place of the store

    ◆ The goods are placed neatly, and there must be dust on the goods

    ◆ R n
    ◆ If the light is dark, you should often turn on the lights

    Actually, the process of communicating and communicating with customers is the process of education. You can improve some of his business The content tells him, of course, first of all, you must affirm your customers. In this way, he is easier to accept your views and advice. The most important thing is what you can do for customers?

    2) Manage your customers

    Pouving to first understand that the purpose of managing your customers is to increase sales volume. Therefore, in the process of visiting What about your customers?

    The management requires a way to use a method.

    A channel: Through the "Customer Management Card", you can understand the customer's display, purchase situation, sales, and the competitiveness of the customer. According to this management card, a clear understanding of the customer's dynamics.

    The method: help customers do the work of product display. The purpose of this is not only to be able to enhance feelings, but more importantly, put the product in obvious positions, increase sales opportunities, and make customers earn more profits.

    In "Education" and "Manage" your customers, in the process of reaching the consumer throughout the product, you provide more suggestions to the customer to help him achieve the transformation of profits. For his best sale service.

    The after -sales service -The end of each visit or sales is the start of the next time

    Is when the sales representative completed the sales plan, is the sales end? the answer is negative. According to speculation, the cost of developing a new customer is ten times that of consolidating an old customer. Therefore, only through continuous services can we retain customers and make sales more stable.

    1, timely replenishment to ensure that customers cannot be out of stock

    each visiting customers, sales representatives must record the sales status, such as visiting twice a week, the first time for the first time, the first time How much the goods are, how much they are sold, and how much they are sold, according to the average weekly sales volume, reminders?/DIV>

  2. For reference only:
    before the exhibition
    1. The product must thoroughly understand the company's products, including very detailed parts, such as size, material, and product related requirements and material sex for the directory and brochure of the product. Try to use all English as much as possible. To attract guests' attention and increase their interest in products. You can also record some CDs and give it to guests. Don't forget to bet on your company's address, contact phone number, contact person, etc. on the package of the CD. Maybe when they return to China, they will contact you when they look at the CD -ROM. In addition, the product can also be made into a small model, which can also achieve the same effect as the CD.
    2. The guests who want to participate in the exhibition in advance and told your company's library number, stall number, etc. You can also ask the guests to contact them in China and then get in touch with them. All in all, leaving everything to guests, but you have to do something upset.
    3. The business card
    The business card is quite a meeting with the guests. It can sell you and get the information of the guests.
    4. Contracts
    In some guests pay attention to the contract, and they will place an order on the spot if they are bold. However, you have to pay attention to the provisions of the contract in detail and detailed, and you have to consider it, especially the exchange rate issues that everyone pays attention to at present.
    5. Computers
    Maminated computers, so that it is easy to quickly find the information that the guests want to see.
    6. Other items
    Camera: You can take a photo with the guests to make a memorial.
    The notebooks, pen, ruler, etc. must be spare, and each company can prepare the necessary items according to the product.
    During the exhibition
    1. Image
    This is as more and more dressed to leave a good impression on the guests. Keep a smile and establish confidence.
    2. Observation
    It observe the guests, understand what they need, and strive for initiative. The questions raised by the guests can answer them one by one. If your English spoken language is not good, don't be nervous. At this time, you can slow down the speed and communicate with it.
    In exhibitions
    The information about the information, business cards, and issues raised in the relevant guests after the meeting. They often contact the guests. Get the trust of both parties to enhance friendship.
    To Panta Medical Device Service Group (Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Jinan, the United States)

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