What documents do I need to apply for a cosmetics store

What documents you need to apply for a cosmetics agent store! Thank you!

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  1. First of all, you need to apply for an industrial and commercial business license and tax registration certificate, and then you can apply for a business license.
    The procedures and procedures for opening cosmetics stores are:
    1. Obtain the product agency right of the skin care products. (If you do not need a lot of brands, you can purchase it alone or join a certain brand sales right before you need product authorization).
    2, go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to issue a business license to indicate detailed business scope: sales of cosmetics and skin care products. (Apply for an individual business license, house store contract, ID card, and wait for the information to fill in the form.)
    3, holding a business license, ID card, etc. until the taxation authority of the tax authorities apply for tax registration certificate.
    4, holding business licenses, ID cards, tax registration certificates, etc. to the bank to open accounts and go through other documents and procedures that need to be processed.
    Pucting information
    The precautions for opening the cosmetics shop
    1. When preparing to join, pay attention to the preparation of funds.
    2, always grasping experience can cost, improve the purchase channels.
    The cost control of the operation process is very important. Less one -divided expenditure is equivalent to one more profit. It is absolutely necessary to compress the cost within a lower reasonable range. Of course, excessive savings are not desirable.
    3, learn to manage employees to understand employees' needs.
    The cosmetic industry is an industry with a very large number of personnel, especially in the Japanese chemical store clerk's liquidity. Many clerks will leave in the store for about a year. Loss.
    The rise of the distribution channels of franchise stores, China's franchise store channels are being successively accepted as strategic channels by foreign brands. In 2004, due to the earliest intervention in the domestic cosmetics franchise store channels, the professional camp business became Shiseido's second largest business pillar in China.
    The success of Shiseido has attracted more attention from international brands, such as Korean Amore Pacific, Japan Takisi, Nivea, and other one after another to cooperate with domestic specialty stores.
    The world cosmetics giant French L'Oreal also established the Ministry of Commerce for the specialty store project in January 2010, specializing in the business expansion of specialty stores. The continuous entry of foreign brands will further drive the rapid development of the channels of specialty stores.

    The recent two years of the development of cosmetics franchise store formats are obvious to all, and the attention of the outside world has also been at the end of the past. Some large enterprises have emerged in the game with other types of terminals, the competitive advantage gradually prominent, and some brands have a considerable number of stable consumer groups.
    At the same time, the "success effect" attracted a large number of new entrants in the industry, among which there are many powerful foreign brands and domestic manufacturers. A new round of competition is fiercely unfolding.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia -Cosmetics franchise store

  2. The cosmetics store is a good investment choice for young female entrepreneurs. However, if you are an investor with no experience in store opening, you need to learn a lot of doors of cosmetics stores.
    Ifiring the business model is very important. For example, is it a cosmetics that operates a single brand, or is it a cosmetics that operates a variety of brands? In addition to skin care products, do you still need to add some living care products (such as shampoo, perfume, shower gel, etc.), makeup, nutrition and health foods?
    If the business mode is determined, you can determine what brand of operation, and then choose the purchase channel. Of course, choosing a franchise store and the purchase channels for their own stores are also different. If it is a single -brand cosmetics store that is a single brand, the brand is generally authorized by investors to sell their products or provide corresponding services to customers in the local area. For example, Avon's specialty store, fruit and vegetable nourishing store in Guoshutang, or Herboristica from Shanghai. The franchise store is directly supplied by the brand owner, eliminating the intermediate link, without worrying about fakes, parallel imports, and insufficient supply. But in the early stage, you must pay a franchise fee, and the investment cost is slightly higher. If you open a store yourself, you must find a good purchase channel and have enough understanding of the supplier, otherwise it is easy to get fake or parallel imports. However, this kind of store also has an advantage, that is, the product variety of the business is determined by itself, and it will be rich. Cosmetics, makeup, daily necessities, ornaments can be sold. And if investors have distinctive and differentiated business ideas, intimate and thoughtful services for customers, they will also win the market.
    . After the brand, business model, and purchase channels are implemented, it is also necessary to remind investors that choosing addresses is very important. If your cosmetics store's positioning is the consumption of fashion girls consumption , It should be selected in the prosperous commercial district; if it is positioned in those who think that customers provide skin care, beauty and other services, the densely populated large and mature residential communities are more appropriate; if the target is high -consumption white -collar workers, you can choose high -end office buildings, which can choose high -end office buildings. Commercial buildings and other nearby Wangpu.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, your question has been seen, and I am glad to answer it for you. Essence Essence Essence Cosmetics shops need to apply for hygiene permits. The process is to apply for approval to the relevant government departments with my certificate, real estate property right certificate or lease agreement to obtain the license of the business license and the necessary health department and taxation registration of the tax department. The general procedures are as follows 1. I hold my ID card, housing property right certificate or lease contract to the local industrial and commercial administrative department to apply for a beauty hall or beauty salon business license. 2. Holding a copy of the business license, effective seal and other documents → Go to the local health department for hygiene permits. 3. Holding a copy of the business license, effective seal and other documents → register for tax invoices in the local tax department.个体工商户开业登记核准依据个体工商户管理暂行条例》 《个体工商户管理暂行条例实施细则》核准程序1 、 受理2 、 审查3 、 核准4 、 发照设立条件1、 可以经营的行业范围工业、 Handicraft industry, construction industry, transportation industry, business, catering, service industry, repair industry and national laws and policies allow other industries and projects and projects that individual industrial and commercial households are produced and operated. 2. Certificate of identity documents issued by registration and data engaged in production and operation activities. Required information 1. "Pre -Approved Registration Form for Individual Industry and Commerce Names"; 2. "Application Form for the opening of the opening of the individual industrial and commercial households" (also filled in the "Employee Registration Situation Form" by the employees; 3. Certificate; Original ID card, copy of the permanent population family planning certificate; 3 photos; 4. Certificate of operating venue; 5. Law and administrative regulations shall be submitted to the approval documents of relevant national departments; 6. Registration authority requires submission to submission Other documents. The approved timing of the approved schedule will be approved or not registered within 10 working days. The tax registration will be completed within 30 days after the industrial and commercial bureau shall go through the above procedures and obtains the business license.

  4. First, you need to apply for a business license and tax registration certificate.

    Is after you find a good store, don't rush to sign the contract,
    first take a copy of the real estate certification document to the landlord, and see if the use of the store's house is "commercial and residential".
    It, it is best to go to the industry and commerce department to consult whether this store can apply for a business license,
    The business license for house -office business licenses in the nature of residential properties is very troublesome.
    (If the landlord is not assured to give you a copy, it is best to consult with the landlord one by one)

    Then you can apply for a business license

    The cost of the household business license,
    It you can go to the website of the "State Administration of Industry and Commerce" to find the charging standard.
    The path is: Home> Business Management> Work Guide> Individual Private Registration Registration Guide

    [Registration of registration of individual industrial and commercial households]
    (1), registration fee charging standard, The registration fee for the opening of individual industrial and commercial households is 20 yuan per household; the business license is issued, and it does not charge. In the future, register and change the business license every four years, and the charging is 20 yuan.
    (4) Code of the copy of the business license. If individual industrial and commercial households voluntarily receive a copy of the business license, each of which is charged three yuan.
    p.s. The registration fee cannot be available in local standards because the registration fee is unified nationwide.

    The materials required for the business license for individual households are: the original and photocopy of the ID card, the venue certification document (real estate certificate or land certificate) of the store, the original and photocopy of the lease contract, the certificate photos One.
    If you don't know where to go to the industrial and commercial bureau or industrial and commercial office, or the administrative service center runs a business license, you can ask the owner of the shop next to it.

    In the business license to the local tax and apply for the "Tax Registration Certificate" within 30 days of the business license.
    The materials required are: the original copy of the business license, the original and photocopy of the lease contract, the original and photocopy of the ID card.

    The individual households generally pay fixed taxes, and national tax and land tax are fixed taxes.
    The standards for subscribed by individual households have many standards, not only business projects, but also the area of ​​the store. He is a comprehensive calculation result. According to the local economic development level, the section where your store is located, as well as the rent of the business scale, the business project, and the store. The situation in various places is different, so it is difficult to say how much money is.
    If the tax department determines that your monthly operating amount is less than 5,000 yuan, then there is no need to pay the national tax, only the land tax is required. If the monthly operating amount is higher than 5,000 yuan, then the national tax and land tax must be paid. Planting taxes.
    I personally suggest that it is useful to do a good relationship with the special management staff of the tax bureau that fixed to you and entertain them. It is very useful.

    This. Intersection

  5. You have to run a cosmetics store. At least you have to have a fixed business location, that is, you either rent a facade or your own house, rent a facade, require a lease contract, your own house requires real estate certificate and other information. Then get the qualifications of the business, that is, apply for the business license (the State Administration for Industry and Commerce) first. Within 30 days after the business license is completed, the tax registration certificate is completed after the national and local taxation certificate is completed. After you have these permits, you can go to wholesale products you operate.

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