5 thoughts on “Which industry does plastic water pipe belong to?”

  1. Plastic water pipes are a building materials industry, because this is still more used in building materials, so I think he should be classified into this industry.

  2. "Plastic pipeline is an important branch of many components of chemical building materials. The application field of plastic pipelines is usually for water, drainage, gas, ground heating, power communication, agricultural use, fire protection and other fields. Plastic pipelines can be divided into polyethylene (PE) tube, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tube, polypropylene (PP) tube, ABS tube, polystite (PB) tube.

  3. Plastic water pipe production belongs to plastic chemical
    . Some places are attributed to the mechanical processing industry

  4. Hello plastic water pipes belong to the building materials industry. If you want to do water pipe business, you can choose major building materials cities to learn about it

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