What is a new community retail? Who can talk about the Internet too fast and can't keep up with the rhythm

3 thoughts on “What is a new community retail? Who can talk about the Internet too fast and can't keep up with the rhythm”

  1. First of all, what is the community: In the narrow sense, the community refers to a group of people with common cognition, interests and values, initiated by the community leader, and organizes a group to study, entertain or co -work together through social tools.
    In let alone new retail: With the comprehensive popularization of mobile Internet business, traditional stores, e -commerce, and micro -business have gradually become a traditional retail model. New retail refers to all new business forms different from traditional retail models.
    Sessing business behavior is mostly product -centric, attaches importance to channels and marketing, and is controlled by large platforms and large companies to control business rules and interests. With the establishment of a large number of small and medium -sized community organizations, the future business will be transformed by human -oriented; with the popularity of blockchain technology, the characteristics of business decentralization will gradually appear. Many small and beautiful economic forms are produced, which is the new retail of the community.
    Reference: Gathering@New retail.

  2. "Community economy" is a new type of format structure and ecosystem. Using influential community platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, and Internet celebrities to provide e -commerce entrances to groups with common recognition value. Effects the effect of group bee, interact, communicate, cooperate, infection, and have the value relationship of nurturing the product brand itself. Then its essential relationship is the crowd -social -market -crowd. First operate the customer group in operating the product, with common hobbies, cognition, and values ​​to truly understand each other's needs. Members bring suitable products to customers and maintain the viscosity of customers and brands at all times.

  3. The production of the so -called community is the product of the rapid development of mobile Internet. The development of social software such as WeChat, QQ, and Weibo has become the basis for the birth of the community and the main carrier of the community.
    For the community, the larger the scale, the better, the more information, the better. The good operation of the online community can directly have a positive effect on sales.
    The first steps that many companies take after their establishment are often marketing. By establishing their own user communities, frequent interactive operations, attracting users to increase their sense of identity and dependence on this community, optimize users Experience, establish a new retail model around the community as the core.
    The so -called new retail of the community is essentially a traditional retail community economy e -commerce. The new retail of the community is a supplementary model for new retail and has a huge innate advantage. It can not only use the module of online operations to make sales simple and fast; but also the support of offline entities, which can make up for the defects of e -commerce platforms. The community economic model can quickly gather fans, obtain a huge source of traffic, and promote the improvement of operating efficiency through many business models. This is the huge business opportunity of the community in the new retail.

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