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  1. 1. Strengthening management

    The unified management of the car washing industry for a long time is one of the reasons for the current management chaos. Our city must introduce the management regulations of the car washing industry as soon as possible, set up a special work group in rectification work, and strengthen the approval, issuance, acceptance and supervision of car washing companies. For car washing stores that have no license, abuse of water, occupying car washing, and serious pollution, related departments such as industrial and commercial, transportation, water, environmental protection, urban management and other relevant departments should jointly rectify, and those who cannot meet the requirements of standards shall be banned.

    (1) Establish a special group, and issue relevant standards

    SE setting up a special regulatory rectification working group, and a special meeting for mobilization deployment; Study and formulate and introduce the management regulations on the car washing industry in our city and specific implementation plans and work plans; formulate the announcement of the cleaning and rectification as soon as possible, and widely publicize the purpose, significance and standard requirements of standardized rectification, and publicize and announce it to the whole society.

    (2) Strengthen the approval

    In the standard of setting the car washing industry, the access to the car washing lot is strictly strictly set, and it does not meet urban planning, does not have water saving and water saving and water saving and water saving and water saving and water saving and water saving and water saving and water saving and water saving. Sewage treatment measures, may not be approved for car washing lots that may affect the problem of city appearance or the problem of disturbing the people. Relevant departments such as urban management, water affairs, and environmental protection have a good point within their respective work responsibilities. The industrial and commercial departments must be sent to the business license after reviewing and agreeing with the competent department. For example, the environmental protection department shall strictly implement the environmental impact assessment and approval system of the car washing industry. The layout and site selection of the project must meet environmental protection requirements. Supporting pollution prevention facilities such as sewage treatment and sound insulation and noise prevention. The project must be surveyed by the environmental protection department to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

    (3) Increase law enforcement and punishment

    M departments must strengthen the daily inspection of the car washing site within the scope of work responsibilities, and take assault inspections and regular random inspections In other methods, we will increase law enforcement and timely correct illegal acts. At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with each other to jointly enforce the law. The special working group must play a unified scheduling and unified coordination in this regard. In terms of environmental protection, the environmental supervision department shall incorporate the car washing industry into the scope of daily environmental supervision. If there is no pollution control conditions in the existing car washing industry, if the business is suspended or transferred within a time limit, the sewage treatment equipment is built within the prescribed period. Sewage standard discharge. Once it was found to be discharged, it was discovered to be ordered to suspend business and impose economic penalties.

    2. Promoting water -saving car washing method

    The propagation of water -saving car washing technology and facilities should be increased for the current status of water washing. For example, a closed circular car washing method, the advanced sewage circulating purification system uses the sewage sewage through the sedimentation, oil removal, filtration, disinfection and other processes to enter the water tank to reuse to achieve zero sewage discharge. This method is as high as 80%. Washing cars has been accepted by most consumers, and steam, micro -water, and water -free cars have not been recognized by most people. It is understood that the micro-water car washing technology is used to clean each car with only 0.4-2 liters of water, and it is cleaned, waxed, and polished. At this stage, the existing car washing lots in our city should be mandatory and gradually carried out water -saving, sewage treatment and reconstruction of water circulation. Encourage the complete and integrated car washing and sewage treatment equipment, and the environmental protection department should conduct research and demonstration in response to industry sewage treatment technology and equipment, determine mature and feasible governance technology and manufacturer equipment, promote after pilot, and use new car washing processes and equipment places to use new car wash processes and equipment. Give a certain policy tilt and promote the water -saving car to the track of health science.

    3. Strengthening price leverage, implement staircase water prices

    The conscientious implementation of the deployment and requirements of the national and provincial price departments on water price reform work Pushing the water with water. In response to the current status of transferring water for some car wash shops, urging relevant departments to install separate metering water meters in time for this part of car wash shops, strictly implement the price of water consumption in high water consumption industries, and stipulates that the car washing industry will implement the amount of water and staircase water price management, and the water resources are reasonably allocated. Essence By using price leverage, improve the consciousness of car wash shops and low -consumption car wash technology, promote the process of water -saving emission reduction and environmental protection car washing in our city, and achieve the fundamental improvement of the water washing environment.

    While meeting the market demand, the car wash industry also has the phenomenon of polluting the environment, waste water resources, occupying the operation, and affecting the appearance of the city. The car washing industry can gradually embark on a institutionalized and standardized track.
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