5 thoughts on “What part -time jobs are recommended by the financial major in college?”

  1. When I was in my sophomore year, I became extremely low after experiencing a long -distance relationship of more than 3,000 kilometers. When I lost love, I kept looking for projects online and doing part -time jobs. Use the pleasure of making money to anesthesia yourself. The more and more smoother, after the sophomore, I basically did not ask for money at home, and I could often send money home. For the current college student, my first part -time job -self -media. Self -media writing exercise a person's writing ability, thinking ability and language organization ability. To put it plainly, I hope you can exercise more about storytelling. A person's ability to tell stories is not bad. Basically, go out to the society in the future. Whether it is sales, connecting contacts, pulling investment, managing employees, etc., when you tearful or loudly say what you said, the success rate will be greatly improved.

  2. You can go to the issue of leaflets. There are two types of leaflets, one is pure running building, and the other is a sales order. If you help them pull them down, they may give you a commission of 50 to 100. I earned more than 400 a day. Can you go to some tutoring institutions to ask them to send orders? Generally, tuition institutions need to issue orders every day. Part -time waiter. Our generally price is 10 yuan an hour. Generally, a class is 4 hours. You can do 3 and a half a day, but the average person can't stick to 3 classes, which is too tired. You can go to some restaurants or restaurants to consult, do they want people?

  3. Promotion. Promotion is a common part -time job, such as promotional milk, promotional drinks, promotional instant noodles, and so on. These promotional work is also very easy to do. Basically, there is no need for experience. In addition, the promotion can also exercise yourself and enhance the ability of voice expression. send flyer. This is also a common part -time job, suitable for fragmentation. Some people may say that a college student to send leaflets can not reflect the value of college students, and what is the difference between the uncle who issued the leaflet. I want to say that at this time you really have no difference between them, because this is a physical work, not brainpower. You can also exercise yourself. You will find that your face is unknowingly thick. If people do not pick up you to hand the passed leaflets, you can laugh.

  4. Tutor. This is a relatively good part -time job. It is a mental work, good salary, and respected. Can consolidate your knowledge, accumulate experience in getting along with others, accumulate lecture experience, and so on. a fast food shop. Fast food restaurants are part -time, such as McDonald's. These stores have a good working environment and good salary. There are also opportunities for promotion and salary. You can also accumulate experience in communicating with others.

  5. During the class, the time is limited and scattered. If the family does need it, I suggest you choose to do some part -time jobs in school, such as selling food in restaurants, library management and other diligent jobs. Many schools still have entrepreneurial centers now, it is also good to go there. Then you can choose to teach as a house. These are basically the main operation of primary and secondary school students. Time is suitable for our schedule, but it needs a certain patience. This kind of work is generally stable and lasts for a long time.

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