5 thoughts on “How to promote the cosmetics sold by WeChat on WeChat”

  1. As follows, the method of promoting the cosmetics sold by WeChat:
    1, first add more friends through WeChat.
    2. Open the WeChat circle of friends, then enter the promotion information of cosmetics in writing, and then publish it.
    3, make cosmetics pictures and generate QR codes, and share it in the WeChat circle of friends.
    4, add multiple WeChat groups, and send cosmetics promotion information and introduction in the chat window.

  2. Do more activities, bargaining, fighting for groups, connecting dragons, etc. can quickly and effectively publicize, and the method of extending the customer continues to be effective. At the same time, these interactive activities can also strengthen the effect of the old guests with new customers. The following is an activity I saw on the dragon today before the applet. This kind of industry is in use. If you are interested There are a lot of activities, it is quite convenient to use,

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