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  1. Text/Yang Zhilan

    The content of this chapter really feels that Teacher Wei Zhiyuan's thinking and actions are in front of us. As Teacher Zhang Wen quality said, we often underestimate the teacher's profession. Difficulty.

    The management of WeChat group does have certain skills, but when I see the title "How to manage the WeChat group of teachers, this is a time for education", there is a feeling of being a treasure.

    The teacher Wei Zhiyuan from WeChat group should establish a rule and how to maintain the rules, and how to speak in the WeChat group in the WeChat group, and put the teacher's management of the parent WeChat group, closely stick to the various teachers facing the current teachers facing the current teachers. The problem is really to answer doubts for front -line teachers, so that we can quickly master the management methods of the parents WeChat group.

    The management of the WeChat group of the parents is extremely negligent. I have never thought about the rules of the WeChat group, or I have never thought about it in the parent WeChat group. Or a tool notified by the class. Parents rarely speak in the group when they usually use it, so our WeChat group environment is still available, but it feels about how to speak in the WeChat group in the WeChat group.

    The content based on my actual situation, I summarized some places that I need to pay attention to in the normal work: 1. Stay the information at a time to avoid repeated questions from parents. When I thought I issued a notice in the group, sometimes it was unclear, and sometimes the language was procrastinating. In the future, practice publishing concise and complete information, and repeatedly pondering to become a habit.

    2. Avoid public praise and criticism of students (including parents). If you do not name it in the group, you can publicly share students' works and deeds. Parents' emotions.

    3. Do not arrange homework in the WeChat group. I often commit it. In the future, pay attention to letting students develop their own habits of homework, and let the children think about themselves, rather than pushing it to the parents in everything. Pay more attention to your own language. Remember that you have said that you will not post homework news in the group chat. Ask each student to write down his homework, you can ask the classmates to ask the teacher, but when I am talking about this, I am saying this. What kind of attitude? Therefore, there is no basis for asking homework. One or two is also a parent. Fortunately, the daily work children can be basically completed, reducing the trouble of memorizing homework.

    The communication between schools is an important part of education and teaching. I know that I still need to exercise more in this session. Education everywhere!

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