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  1. ** Blacklists must have such things, but there are different forms of expression in different companies and industries.
    ** — 01 -
    We can learn about the basic situation, salary range or welfare benefits of the pre -interview company before the interview. Share online interview summary, company's overall impression, and HR professional capabilities. According to the principle of relativity, our personal interview behavior and performance before and after joining the job have also been observed and recorded. If one day, you reject the offer of a group company for an inappropriate reason. When you apply for an interview opportunity for your subsidiary three months later, you are rejected. Then congratulations, you may be pulled into HR's blacklist.
    The above is just one example. In fact, there are many cases of being pulled into the HR blacklist. From the perspective of time distribution, in the three stages of employment, working, and resignation, the stage and resignation are pulled into the HR blacklist. There are many behaviors. The focus of this article is that during the period before and after joining, what possible behaviors have made HRMM, which has always been affectionate, and collapsed the professional HRD. Maybe it may eventually be included in the blacklist?
    ** — 02 —
    During the interview, there are several behaviors that are particularly easy to cause HR anger and may be hacked. We divide HR's anger into four four Level level:
    As the candidates are more and more pursuing self and personalization, they are commonplace for the incident of the interview. "Happy", "Rain outside", "I feel late, so I don't want to go", "There is no reason, just don't want to go" and so on. Although the professional HR hates No Show, it will work hard to improve the invitation method and the candidate screening method. If you interview the following positions and No Show, which does not have a legitimate reason, it may cause you to enter the blacklist inside the enterprise. These positions themselves require you to have a certain self -control and management ability:
    because of different places or other reasons, you can only be able to only be in different places or other reasons. When arranging electric noodles or videos, HR will agreed with the interviewer in advance and coordinate the interviewer to communicate (the interviewer may be HRD or the direct boss after the job).
    The extreme example, for an interview at three in the afternoon, the interviewer called on time at 3 o'clock but found that the candidate shutdown was turned on; until the day after get off work, no instructions and feedback were received; the next day HRMM called the question, the candidate, the candidate, and the candidate. People said innocently, "Oh, forget it!" I believe that if he can stretch his hand through the phone line, HRMM really wants to hit candidates.
    The appointment of the electric noodles. If it is interviewed by the departments outside the HR, HR has already carried out coordination in advance. Other interviewers also make work arrangements and adjustments to conduct formal interview communication. In this process, the enterprise has paid a certain time and communication costs, and also hopes to get the serious treatment of candidates. If it is not done for inappropriate reasons, HR's anger can be imagined.
    This rejection of offer is different. There is no way to deal with:
    1. Reasonable rejection of offer:
    After receiving the OFFER, after careful consideration, the job is not suitable for you, so the phone notice is notified by phone. HR, there is no problem, it is normal job communication. Or although I accept the offer and plan to join in one month, I found another job after half a month or have a new career direction. Give up offer:
    . For example, there are newcomers to join in next Monday, and HRMM phone confirmation on Friday:
    "Li Cheng, hello, next Monday is officially enrolled in time, I have registered time, place and other details Send to your mailbox, please check. "
    Li Cheng replied:" Okay, accept it. "
    The on Monday at 9 am, the newcomer has not yet completed the registration procedures. HRMM called to ask inquiries, Li Cheng replied: "Oh, I think about it, I don't think it is appropriate, I don't go."
    did you think this is unlikely to happen? Unfortunately, this is one of the real examples, especially the most fresh graduates. We also received a way such as "I have given up the offer". It can be imagined, how naive and irresponsible is this behavior? You may think that it is just a person who has not joined the job. What is the relationship, but I did not expect that before a new person joined the job, HR and the employment department had at least how many preparations and efforts have been done:
    ) Telled in advance to confirm the entry situation in advance ;
    ) Prepare newcomers files, contracts and other spare materials;
    3) Arrange special personnel to apply for employment;
    ) Notify the employment department to prepare newcomers to receive reception issues;
    5) The employment department is prepared for training;
    ) Employers have established instructors.
    So when you are not prepared to choose a company, please give a phone, text message or email to determine that you cannot report it at the agreed time for some reason, so that the company can have a certain preparation. If you have been steadily in HR's blacklist like this example.
    This is also a real case encountered in actual work. Every time I want to come, I feel funny: Director Cheng said that he accepts the company's offer. He arrived within one month and salary of about 25k/month. Essence Half a month before the entry, the director and the company communicated that the mother needs to go back to take care of her mother, hoping to extend the employment for half a month. Out of respect for talents, the company agrees to postpone the entry time for half a month, and submit a simple certificate at the time of employment. On the morning of the third day, due to work, colleagues in the department could not find him. The front desk said that he saw Cheng Cheng always come to work in the morning. Some colleagues found that his computer was not in a seat and called him unsolved; until three pm HRMM called, he said:
    "Sorry, I decided to go to other companies." Get away? Do you think the company opened or vegetable market? Isn't it difficult to send a text message?
    It at least a middle and senior managers. How did you manage the team in the past? Which company dares to give you the team in the future?
    ** This irresponsible person and acts that have no integrity and no basic respect will definitely be pulled into the blacklist;
    ** — 03 -
    So what is HR's blacklist and how?
    is the company circle: very simple, it is very simple, and the company, affiliated company or subsidiary parent company will no longer hire the candidate in the future. Of course, if you think the interview company is small, it doesn't matter to you or it doesn't matter.
    It is the circle of friends: in HR's personal circle of friends and the circle of friends of friends, extreme HR will even directly show screenshots of communication in the circle of friends;
    is again in the same industry circle: I personally think that this is relatively ruthless, especially for the industry in the industry, as more and more companies attach importance to the background investigation, basically, candidates only only, only candidates only only Can change the industry.
    In the human resources circle: such as related human resources forums, various human resources groups. Some forums even encourage HR to post the names and resumes of relevant people. For example, since 2011, many HRs of Wuhan Company have been fixed on a forum to announce the best behavior of individual candidates or employees who have left.
    ** —— 04 —
    HR's blacklist will not completely block your personal road, but with the gradually establishing the integrity system and viewpoint, the background investigation and recommendation have become interviews. The important part of the process.
    ** You are your personal brand;
    ** You are the founder of your personal brand:

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