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  1. 1. Determine the website goals and make a reasonable positioning for the website.
    The main target customer groups of building materials decoration websites should include decoration companies, building materials manufacturers (including agents), ordinary families (home improvement owners), and other companies that need decoration (public installation). Of course, the business goal of the website is to provide these customers with construction materials and decoration -related services. From the perspective of the owner, you need to understand and learn more about decoration knowledge and industry information such as building materials shopping guide, so the website should collect such information reasonably and widely; as a building materials manufacturer and decoration company, the website should provide as much as possible to provide as much as possible to provide as much as possible A better display platform, increasing its popularity and online transaction opportunities. Therefore, the positioning of the website's function must be well taken into account both.
    . Grasp the consumer psychology of the owner and set the content of the website reasonably.
    Is when operating the building materials decoration website, webmasters should be able to notice that what the owner wants to get intuitive and comprehensive target needs. If you can adopt related animation technology in the website, the characteristics of decorative materials and the effects of use are revealed in front of the decoration owner, so that they can enjoy those virtual room scenes through their eyes. absorb. Therefore, while the website content focuses on optimization, the user experience must not be let go. Do not just talk about boring text descriptions.
    . Propaganda should be combined with online and offline: Get more customer recognition.
    The propaganda methods are diverse. Webmasters and friends can choose the one that suits them and take it seriously: online we can use professional building materials decoration forums, blogs, etc. to promote. The best way is to publish various soft texts to various portals. Of course, this requires a certain amount of support, but the effect of the propaganda is very obvious; offline we can jointly decorate the company, building materials manufacturers to organize various activities to increase the increase of various types of activities to increase the increase of various types of activities to increase the increase of various types of activities to increase the increase of various activities to increase the increase. The credibility of the website in the eyes of the owner. At the same time, it can also promote communication between webmasters and decoration companies and building materials manufacturers.
    4. Carrying out market research and continuous improvement.
    Market research can enable webmasters to master the effective requirements of potential customers, and to be targeted while providing products or services. As an industry website, the survey object can be placed directly on the online target customer base. The method adopted can choose the online questionnaire survey method (that is, add an online voting function to the website). In terms of problem design, we must grasp the theme, cut the key, and targeted. The content should involve the use of existing products or services. The evaluation of the opponent can be the focus of the investigation.
    5. Add friendly link module, decoration renderings, and do a good job of the relationship with building materials and decoration.

  2. Public Relations Resources Network is honored to answer you:

    1, SEM bidding ranking.
    is very burning, the keyword bid, click to pay? Including Baidu bidding, 360 bidding and Sogou.
    2, online alliance advertisement.
    Website alliance, collectively known as SEM.
    3, portal advertisement.
    mainly refers to Tencent, Netease, Sina, and Sohu.
    4, WeChat, private domain flow.
    WeChat advertising has integrated multiple resources such as friends circle, public account, and applet. The number of users is huge. At present, there is a video number.
    5, information flow advertisement.
    For example, the news client, on the app, appears on the browsing list in the form of content links, and click to jump to the advertising landing page.
    6, video patch.
    It is mainly long video platforms such as Youku iQiyi Tencent. Advertising advertisements appearing before and when paused.
    7, soft text advertisement.
    In the form of graphic, published on central media, commercial media or portal media to publicize the business information of the enterprise and implant it soft.
    8, e -commerce advertisement.
    Im advertisements that customers have launched within e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo, etc. to obtain a large number of product exposure.
    9, Q

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