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  1. The name of the foot therapy shop is:
    1, [Satisfaction]
    2, foot Shu Wash n3, knowing "foot" Changle
    4, doing foot kung fu
    5, moisturizing foot Fang
    6, contentment of health and leisure clubs
    7, Yishu foot bath
    8, Shengyue foot bath
    9, Datang Feige singing foot bath SPA club N11, Shuleis foot bath
    12, Jingyi Kang
    13, Yinge
    14, Shuxin Footway
    15, Tai Siche
    18, Bathing of Datang
    19, Heaven and Earth
    20, Yi Foot School

  2. Introduce the name of the name
    This naming to the foot therapy store to use the method of boasting: the ultimate purpose of the product manufacturing and sales is to sell the goods, all the means used by the owner, including advertising, service, naming, etc., are around the surrounds of around, which are around. This fundamental purpose.
    Puraded from the company's long history, outstanding reputation, reliable product quality, and welcomed by consumers, it is an approach that owners will inevitably adopt.
    The role of boasting:
    one is to cheer yourself up, strengthen self -confidence, and also establish a goal for yourself.
    It is to add a little psychological pressure to competitors.
    three is to attract customers and give people trust. The method of named names is as follows:
    1, self -priced and cheap.
    The most typical is the cheap square stove roast duck shop. The grandson of this name was the grandson two hundred years ago. He has worked hard on selling more, and he made raw chicken duck embryo and barrel chicken. Although the color of the goods is better than other homes, the selling price is lower than that of other homes.
    The days long, whether it is the big house of the palace, or the big restaurant and big restaurant in the city, all the chicken and duck workshops of Sun Tzujiu are called cheap squares. The name of the cheap square came out, and later the industry was simply used as a store name.
    2, self -boasting.
    This method is used more in trademarks, such as long -lived dental brush and permanent brand bicycles after liberation. In the company's name, it is common in the diet and cosmetics departments, such as Hangzhou's Zhiwei Guanbuki Museum, Shanghai's delicious fasting Hotel, and produce a well -produced MSG MSG Factory.
    The 1930s of Shanghai produced monosodium glutamate, all named after "Tian", such as Tianyi Factory, Natural Factory, Tianyuan Factory, Tianxiang Factory, including the trademark "bergamot" of the Kitchen Factory, these names, these names. They all boast that the quality is superb, and it is obtained in heaven, and even the Buddha has to reach out.
    If the Shanghai Lean Glasses Company, named the idiom "excellence", because Mr. has written the inscription of "excellence" for the company's Guangzhou branch, which has made it famous and doubled its value.
    4, boasting status.
    This is the solidity of self -boasting in the competition. For example, the "Golden City Craft Society" established in Shanghai in 1926, the significance of its naming is that in the competition, it is like Jincheng Tangchi, which cannot be broken.
    5, self -boasting craftsmanship.
    If the purple sand ceramic shop "Iron Painting Xuan" of the old city god temple in Shanghai, because the founder Dai Yuping is a businessman, he has good calligraphy and painting, and has superb engraving knife skills. He is engraved on the pottery. ", Then moved the word of the shop to the name of the store.
    ARTE Method
    The method of naming the store is the unique commercial naming of China. Because China is influenced by Confucianism, there is a tradition that there is a concept of heavy text and restraint, so some merchants have named business places like literati, such as "fasting", "pavilion", "Xuan", "residence", "garden" Wait.
    New name according to the auspicious language
    Net named the healing shop, named it according to the auspicious language: such as prosperity, happiness and auspiciousness, happy family, congratulations to getting rich, prosperous, good luck, prosperity, victory, prosperity, harvest, satisfaction , Youth, Young, Beauty, etc., can be used separately, such as prosperous stores, auspicious credit cooperatives, Ruyi Miscellaneous Stores, Ping An Insurance Company, etc.
    can also take a single word to re -combine each other or match the long -term hard effect of Xiang Wan, Yong, Jiu, Jiu, Qiang, Chang, Chang, etc. Xingshi miscellaneous wholesale department, Bandung restaurant, etc.

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