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  1. Integrity: Reputation is the life of the bank, the character of the character of Ningbo Bank, and the credibility is directly related to the intrinsic value of the bank. Bank of Ningbo always adheres to modern business ethics and industry norms, adheres to compliance operations in accordance with laws, and treats each business integrily; ensure the security of customer assets, strictly calculate business results, and truly disclose business information; keep the commitment to customers, employees, shareholders and society Essence Integrity is the most basic character and professional ethics of Ningbo bankers. Each employee must work hard to be honest, be frank, loyal to his vocational and abide by his promise; Concealing, not deceiving, not discriminating, not misleading customers.
    Dedolying: dedication is the basic professional literacy that Ningbo bankers should have. The premise of dedication is to love post. The highest level of dedication is professional. Each employee must have higher professional knowledge, skills, and correct professional ethics, and provide customers with professional, high -quality and efficient services on the basis of adhering to the customer's first; pay attention to pragmatic implementation, pay attention to methods, pay attention to the effect, strictly adhere to the effect, strictly adhere to the effect, strictly adhere to the effect, strictly adhere to the effect, strictly adhere to Discipline, use the attitude of professional people, do every job with your heart; you must have the insights, forward -looking, forward -looking, self -challenges, self -transcendence, and better work. Compliance: Compliance is an important guarantee for the risk and sustainable development of Bank of Ningbo. Bank of Ningbo has always adhered to compliance operations, strictly abides by national laws and regulations and regulatory regulatory supervision requirements, strictly prohibits violations of laws, violations, and virtue, and seriously handle various types of violations. Through an independent and perfect compliance system, compliance process, and good compliance cultural construction, every link and process of business management first ensure compliance, rigorous prudence and risks in accordance with laws and management.
    Efficient: efficiency is the key to maintaining competitive advantages and sustainable development. By establishing an efficient decision -making mechanism, business process, communication mechanism and channels, Bank of Ningbo strengthened risk control, eliminating bureaucratic style, optimizing organizational processes, promoting management improvement, ensuring efficient decision -making, efficient operation of various businesses, pursuing the best effects, achieving the best achievements Good benefits. Convergence: Fusion is the basis for the banking of Ningbo to build a learning enterprise and sustainable development. Bank of Ningbo will maintain good absorption, good at integrating and absorbing all kinds of outstanding talents, business philosophy and management techniques; maintain good tolerance, be good at creating a harmonious and aggressive environment, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees at all levels; maintain good openness and openness Sex, good at tolerance and understanding the differences in different regional cultures, and harmonious coexistence with the cultures of various places.
    Innovation: Innovation is an inexhaustible motivation for the Bank of Ningbo to implement differentiated competition strategies and sustainable development. Bank of Ningbo, through establishing an organizational, policy and support system that promotes innovation, cultivating the concepts of innovation, mastering innovation skills, creating an environment of encouragement and innovation, and striving to meet the development trend of the industry, continuously carry out products, marketing, process, management, culture, and culture, and culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, culture, and culture Change and innovation of talent training.

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