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  1. "What to do! Talk Show Special" is a new talk show produced by Tencent Video and Swordsman Culture.
    I birthday and eight talk show actors such as Li Xuan and Yang Yan, Yang Meng, Pang Bo, Xu Zhisheng, He Guangzhi, Cheng Lu, Hulan, and Wang Jianguo formed the "The Strongest Screenplay Department of the Universe", focusing on all walks of life in life, Show the whole process from behind the scenes to the front of the stage.
    On June 7, 2022, the show was officially launched on Tencent Video.
    The content:
    It personal expression to industry expression is the biggest change in "What to do! Talk Show Special". The talk show actor collects materials through in -depth communication with the industry guests, collects materials from the life experience, and finally based on the creation of the text design of the text design you want to see and he will see. The concept is presented in front of the audience.
    In different industry perspectives to open the talk show, tap the thoughtful circles topics, use "industry elements" to leverage the public resonance, and see the new possibility of talk show show. Each industry has exclusive industry humor, and each industry deserves a special talk show theme. With a complete and wonderful performance, he invites the audience- "Are you willing to talk to me with me?" This is " What to do! Talk Show Special "" The core concept of expressing.

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