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  1. The southern industrial area of ​​Shijiazhuang is located in the east of the middle section of Taihang Mountain, and the south of Shijiazhuang City is 24 kilometers away from the urban area. The purpose of construction is to make full use of the hilly land, mountains and slopes, and beaches in the mountains that can be developed in the three counties, to effectively solve the bottleneck of industrial land, and build it for the relocation of enterprises in the city, attract new industrial projects, increase industrial aggregation, introduce strategic investors to build platform. The three major advantages have made the park become the enterprise's settlement of iron suction and stone
    ■ Unused land is sufficient
    The planned area of ​​44.22 square kilometers in the industrial zone, of which 64%of the unusable land provided the enterprise with huge potential for land space.
    ■ Transportation is relatively convenient
    The near the Beijing -Zhuhai Expressway and the Beijing -Guangzhou Railway, passing through the Jingwu High -speed Railway, the industrial belt has initially formed three vertical and three horizontal (three vertical: 107 National Highway, Hongqi Avenue South South South South Yanhe Jingzan Highway; Three Heng: Zhang Yuan Road, Zanyuan Road and 393 Provincial Highway).
    ■ With a certain location and resource advantages, talents like KGQH and Zhao Zhengcong
    The park is not more than 50 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang City, and the total time is within 1 hour. Near the coal -producing province Shanxi, the cost of coal transportation is low, which is conducive to the development of some large coal consolidated industries such as chemical industry and building materials. In the area, quartz rocks, limestone, and pottery are rich in mineral resources, which can attract resource -based enterprises to settle.
    "In 2008, we settled in Wuma Mountain Industrial Park, Zanhuang County to see the investment environment here. The rich raw material resources of the local materials can save us a lot of transportation costs, and the product market is broad. At present, we are under construction. The construction of large projects such as railway, southwater transfer, Hongqi Avenue extension, and construction of industrial parks, etc., created good market conditions for us ", and Wei Weidong, secretary of the party group and executive deputy general manager of Zhanhuang Jinyu Cement Co., Ltd., introduced to reporters happily : "The two -level departments of the city and county not only gave us a lot of help during the project approval process, but at the beginning of the factory, the conditions here were relatively poor. The power station, the road to build roads, and the shaft without water. The difficulties were solved in a short period of time. Let us fully feel the "nanny -style" service. "So what is the" nanny -style "that Secretary Wei said What about service?
    "nanny" service is escorted for enterprise development
    The development goal of the Southern Industrial Park is to rely on government policy advantages to use market economic means to build a park financing platform, and to solve the development of industrial zones through the company's operation model to solve the development of industrial zones The problem is to promote urbanization and promote urban and rural integration with urbanization. Strive for five to ten years, to build the South Industrial Zone into an economic park with an output value of tens of billions to hundreds of billions, becoming a new growth point for Shijiazhuang's economy economy, and eventually becoming a demonstration industrial park with demonstration significance.
    is to better realize this goal. As of 2009, the industrial park has invested 520 million yuan in infrastructure funds, 6 roads and 18.3 kilometers long; 5 roads were built and 22 kilometers long. There are 6 roads and 22 kilometers long. There are 1 220kV substation, 1 in construction; 6 at 110kW substation; 2 35KW substation, which can basically meet the current enterprise power needs. The water supply mainly relies on underground water. The central line of the South -to -North Water Diversion of the construction passes through the industrial zone. It is expected that 20 million cubic meters of water can be provided. A daily processing of 40,000 tons of sewage plants has been completed, 1 is under construction, and 1 planning and design are under construction.
    is the positive measures of this series of active measures that make major enterprises come one after another. In addition to the above -mentioned Zanhuang Jinyu Cement Co., Ltd., which has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, there is also a total investment of 496 million yuan, which mainly produces coal coking products, Hebei Lima Gas Co., Ltd. Hebei Boer Jiantao Co., Ltd., which is high -end wall tiles of Wan Ping,; Shijiazhuang polypropylene factory that mainly produces plastic alloys with a total investment of 240 million yuan; total investment of 98 million yuan, an annual output of 8,000 tons of pesticide drugs, and 3,000 tons of medical intermediates in Hebei Noda Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd.; Hebei Yue Memorial Biochemical Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 79 million yuan, an annual output of 35 tons of L -carnitine; a total investment of 75 million yuan, an annual output of 100 million branches, 30 million pins, pre -hypopotations /Large -scale enterprises such as Hebei Expedition Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. with 1,000 tons of additives have settled in the industrial zone one after another.
    Wang Kaihong, director of the Industrial Zone Management Committee, said that the park will firmly establish a awareness of planning awareness, low -carbon environmental protection, circular economic consciousness and sustainable development awareness, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of investment promotion in all aspects, and to comply with the project planning standards in the southern industrial zone. , Timely start the "nanny" service mechanism, implement preferential policies, and improve the investment environment. In addition, in 2010, the park will focus on innovation while grasping infrastructure construction, accelerate the pace of development of the industrial zone, and accelerate the rapid growth of new growth in southern Shijiazhuang.
    The innovative solution problem park will be better tomorrow
    ■ Accelerate the construction of infrastructure in the industrial zone
    Actively raising infrastructure construction funds, investing in 300 million to complete some main roads, water supply drainage projects and sewage treatment Factory and other construction.
    ■ Highlight the planning and construction of key projects
    Actively build a railway connection line in the Beijing -Guangzhou Railway and the Industrial Zone, and plan to build Hengshui -the service area and entrances of the industrial zone of the southern industrial zone of the Xiyang Expressway; promote Hongqi Street The south extension upgrade and transformation; accelerate the construction of the white lawn reservoir and Bayi Reservoir water pipeline network and the park for rain collection projects; accelerate the construction of the Huaihe River flood control.
    ■ Make full use of economic means to solve development problems
    For the unprepared Wanhuashan Industrial Group, they will pack up to the society through the BT model, and use social funds to solve the problem of infrastructure construction. Leave some repayment. The contracting object is a strong and experienced developer at home and abroad. Developers invest in the infrastructure of the group in accordance with the industrial zone headquarters and the Wanhuashan Industrial Group's detailed regulations.
    The enterprise representatives that have settled in the industrial zone also said that they will cooperate with each other, maximize the use of resource circulation, and continuously explore the effective ways to dispose of urban waste gas and industrial wastes The goal of changing the image, creating the first good area, and building a livable city "contributes to the three years of changes in the provincial capital.
    2 Location advantage

    The Shijiazhuang City in Shijiazhuang's southern industrial zone with Shijiazhuang City has excellent geographical location and economic development advantages. Types and multi -functional international cities play a role in gathering, radiation, service and drive in the regional economy. These advantages determine that Shijiazhuang City is open to the outside world in the "East Out -West Union", and will become an important hub connecting the eastern coastal areas and undertaking the western hinterland in our province, and become the core area that drives the economic development of northern China.
    The special location and economic conditions of Shijiazhuang is the prerequisite for implementing the strategy of opening up and opening to the outside world. Shijiazhuang City is located in the central and southern part of Hebei Province, and the Bo Bay Economic Zone. It is the joint department of the three major economic belts in my country, and played an important role in "Chengdong Qi and West and the North and South" in the national economic development pattern. Gorgeous industrial foundation and technological strength. Shijiazhuang is one of the largest pharmaceutical industry bases in the country and one of the important textile bases. Today, with the rapid development of global economic integration, Shijiazhuang relies on its own advantages to vigorously implement the coordinated development strategy of the three major regions of the Central and East and the West of the West, and vigorously promote industrial breakthroughs, accelerate development of development Modern agriculture and modern service industry. These development strategies that are in line with the truth are the powerful force of economic take -off.
    The complementarity of the economic complementarity of the economic and Shijiazhuang city economy in the "East Out -out" and the "West Union" is the basic condition of implementing the strategy of "East Outlets and West Union". Base.
    Mo completing the economic development of the east exit area. Mutual assistance and cooperation shared port resources in the "east" area. As an inland city, Shijiazhuang City has an important commercial port in North China. There is a broad space for cooperation with the complementary nature of the east exit area and the complementarity of economic development. There is an interdependent relationship with Qinhuangdao, Cangzhou, and Huanghua in port resources. Cooperation and win -win docking in the "east" area industry. Shijiazhuang City has different economic development and industrial structures with the "eastward" region. This difference is conducive to the two parties to carry out division of labor cooperation, exert their respective advantages, and achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win -win. Cangzhou City vigorously develops petrochemical, coal chemicals, salt chemicals, fine chemicals and marine chemicals, and builds a "five chemical" circular economy industrial clusters, providing a broad market for Shijiazhuang's mechanical manufacturing industry. Qinhuangdao's rich tourism resources and Shijiazhuang's red tourism resources can integrate and cooperate with tourism resources. Tangshan's steel industry is a related industry in the preceding paragraph of Shijiazhuang Machinery Manufacturing. At the same time, Shijiazhuang's rail transit equipment manufacturing and high -speed motorized industry in Tangshan City are important partners.
    The industrial complementarity with the "Western Union" area
    The rich resources in the western region are the basis for Shijiazhuang City and Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places. Shaanxi Province has excellent geology and mining conditions, and many mineral species occupy an important position nationwide. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the province with the largest new minerals in my country. At the same time, Inner Mongolia is also the world's largest "open -air coal mine" hometown. The rich coal resources in Shanxi Province are the largest provinces in my country's coal reserves, so they are known as "coal township". The industrial structure of Shijiazhuang City has the characteristics of resource transportation and huge consumption. Energy and resource constraints are the biggest challenges facing sustainable development. With the development of socio -economic development, the new capacity of power will be further expanded, and the supply gap in the supply of electrical coal will be further expanded. It is urgent to build a provincial coal base to increase the guarantee rate of coal. The high -quality resources in the western region above are the important energy required for the economic development of Shijiazhuang City, and it is an important driving force for Shijiazhuang City. The western region is a huge consumer market for Shijiazhuang light industrial products to be developed. While adjusting the industrial structure and product upgrade, we must firmly grasp the western market and strengthen cooperation with these regions.

  2. East Development Zone is in Yuhua District, take bus 32 directly. High -tech Zone is on Hongqi Street, Qiaoxi District, and take bus 14.
    If it is helpful to you, please be useful, thank you

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