1 thought on “How to create paid groups in the new version of WeChat”

  1. ① Click on the public account on the WeChat "Add Friends" interface, and then search for "Schools together" and click to follow.

    ② Then click the "Community Tools" option in the public account chat interface -select "Jianzhu Assistant" and click "Create Paid Group".

    ③ After confirming the creation of the payment group, there will be an interface for setting the theme of the group fees. Through the operation form, fill in the relevant content, set the amount of payment you want, set the system after the system is set, Will allocate a group assistant. After adding a group assistant, the verification code will be sent to the Jianqun Assistant to verify the group.

    ④ After the review is successful, the assistant will pull you into the group after passing the verification, and send you a link to set a group introduction. After the setting is successful, the Jianqun Assistant will automatically generate the QR code and link of promotion.

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