After the age of thirty, what kind of work will women do more and more incense? any recommended?

4 thoughts on “After the age of thirty, what kind of work will women do more and more incense? any recommended?”

  1. In fact, as long as most of the work has accumulated a certain work experience, it is basically more popular. And girls in their thirties may have a period of time. I think that experience in various aspects is also relatively rich, so it will become more and more popular. As long as you master certain skills, most occupations will be comparable to comparison African. Then there are a few majors that are more experienced and more popular.
    The first major is a doctor. For doctors, the longer their career time, the richer their experience. Maybe they will eat more and more. At the same time, it is possible to evaluate the deputy chief physician or chief physician. When these are evaluated, the corresponding compensation will definitely be very high, and the status in the hospital will be relatively high. The majestic major of fragrance, especially the longer the medical time, and the more experience from one industry, the more you may be recognized by most people in the workplace. Then at this time, there is almost a relatively high income. It is normal What's the matter.
    The second major is accounting major, because one thing we often hear in general is that the old accounting is very fragrant. In most companies, they often tend to be more inclined to these when recruiting accounting. There is a long experience in the career, at the same time with rich accounting experience, and these accounting experience in good internship experience. Because accounting is a professional that gets older and more fragrant. After the age of 30, he may be very fragrant with the accumulation of work experience, and the reward will also increase when applying.
    The third major is computer major. Although we may see most of the time we see that the computer industry is generally young people, because this industry is still tired. But if this aspect of experience in her thirties is particularly sufficient, it is also very fragrant.

  2. You can engage in accounting, auditing, nurse, doctor, teacher, this kind of work is relatively stable, and if the working hours are relatively long, you can also eat insights, and your salary will become higher and higher.

  3. You can choose to be a teacher, an auditor, an accountant, and then you can also go to a dentist. The demand for these tasks is relatively large, and it is also a relatively stable job. The normal work pressure is not particularly large.

  4. Nurses, human resources, accountants, customer service, lobby managers, the development of these tasks will become better and better. Women engage in the work of these industries have innate advantages.

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