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  1. Good employment and public health management majors are widely employed.
    The graduates of public health management are suitable for institutions such as medical and health administrative departments, health supervision, disease prevention and control, maternal and child health care, community health services, cooperative medical care, health education and other institutions. It can carry out the work of health administrative management, health institution management, health information management, hospital management, health supervision, and medical insurance.

  2. 1. Introduction to public health management major

    The public health management major training with basic medical knowledge, basic knowledge of clinical medicine and prevention of medicine, public health management theory, management skills and methods, and public health management majors related to society related to public health management major Scientific and humanistic knowledge; have good professional quality and cultural accomplishment, faithfully serve the people's health, and faced high -quality, practical medical and health talents for the needs of grass -roots disease prevention and control, health supervision, health care and other positions.

    2. Employment direction of public health management major

    This students can engage in medical and health administrative departments at all levels, environmental, food, drugs and occupations in health supervision institutions Health supervision and other health supervision positions; health management service positions of the medical and health rooms of enterprises and institutions, and health insurance companies; related positions in health service industries such as community health service institutions, living health care industries; Handling posts, etc.

    The engaged in the industry:

    The work after graduation is mainly working in medical, pharmaceutical, new energy and other industries, as follows:
    1 n1, medical/care/hygiene
    2, pharmaceutical/biological engineering
    3, new energy
    4, Internet/e -commerce
    5, computer software
    6, other industries
    7, medical equipment/equipment r r
    8. Education/training/college

    In jobs:

    It after graduation, mainly engaged in administrative supervisors, administrative commissioners, general doctors, etc., as follows:

    1, administrative supervisor
    2, administrative commissioner
    3, general doctor
    4, catering director
    5, vaccine customer solution area supervisor
    6, medical officer
    7, administrative assistant

    working city:

    after graduation, there are many employment opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, as follows:

    1, Beijing
    2, Shanghai
    3, Guangzhou
    4, Shenzhen
    5, Wuhan
    6, Hangzhou
    7, Chengdu
    8, Nanjing

    3, how about employment prospects for public health management

    The managers also face increasingly severe challenges. The Chinese medical market environment and competition are changing rapidly. The mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and restructuring of public hospitals, the emergence of the bamboo shoots after the rain of private hospitals, and the influx of foreign capital.

    At the same time, with the development of socio -economic development and cultural progress, the public's awareness of human rights and health care has gradually improved, and the requirements for the overall quality of hospital medical services are also getting higher and higher. With the succession of a series of health laws, regulations and policies, the Chinese hospitals really face an unprecedented challenge among the increasingly differentiated and concentrated willingness choices made by the public.

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