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  1. Resource and environmental professional employment direction
    A resource and environmental science majors. This major is a comprehensive discipline that starts from ecological views and uses the reasonable and environmental protection of resources into the field of production and environmental construction. The following is the relevant content of the resource and environmental employment related to the resources and environment for everyone. Welcome to read.

    The introduction of resource and environmental science n professional overview to master the basic theory of resource and environmental science, familiar with the basic national conditions of my country's soil and soil resources and environment; And evaluation; master the technologies and methods to improve the efficiency of resource utilization such as water, nutrition, and biological; learn to use information technology to perform macro management and decision -making in macro management, environmental protection and degenerative prevention and control of resources.
    The characteristics of this professional training plan:
    The professional, wide professional, strong skills.
    "thick foundation" requires students to have strong mathematics, chemistry, and biological foundations, and have necessary local knowledge and basic field survey technologies and capabilities.
    "Wide Professional" requires students to master the efficient use of water, nutrients, and biological resources and the construction and protection of ecological environment construction and protection.
    "Strong Skills" requires students to have professional skills that have efficient resource utilization and ecological environment construction and protection, especially the two basic skills of resource environment chemistry analysis and computer information technology; And regulations, have the ability to comprehensively analyze and solve the macro and micro problems in the fields of resources and environment.
    The course setting soil, plant nutrition, soil geography and survey, soil-plant-environmental analysis, nutritional resource management, water resource utilization and management, resource and environmental system analysis, resource and environmental information technology, resource and environmental progress, resource and resource resources Environmental wild internships, etc.
    The graduates should obtain the following aspects of knowledge and ability:
    . After graduation, students can go to high schools and research institutes in the fields of resources and environment to engage in teaching and scientific research;
    . Administrative and public institutions such as agriculture, environment, resources and ecology at all levels are engaged in management and technical promotion;
    . Enterprises such as fertilizer, irrigation, and green food are engaged in technical work;
    If the employment direction of resource and environmental science majors
    environmental science students can engage in the following aspects after graduation: Researchers: engaged in environmental science research, environmental monitoring , Evaluation, management and planning; environmental engineers: engaged in the development of environmental protection products, or planning, design and management of environmental engineering and water supply and drainage engineering; Teachers: Teachers of corresponding majors in colleges and universities; civil servants: in the central government and The environmental science research departments of local and industrial ministries and commissions work. rn   环境科学专业就业岗位: rn   销售工程师、销售代表、软件测试工程师、销售经理、区域销售经理销售代表区域承包、项目经理、软件工程师、工程经理、测试工程师、生产经理、 Business manager, regional sales manager, etc.
    The employment prospects for resource and environmental science
    It, the study environment is not easy to find a job. If you can pass the civil servant, it is the last, and the environmental design institute of the environment is also very good. Then there is a sewage treatment plant , Go to environmental protection company. Some factories also need environmental protection requirements and need to learn the environment, such as chemical plants, pharmaceutical companies, etc. In fact, what is not important for the first job is to accumulate experience. To be a decent white -collar worker, of course, it is better to go to the design institute. If there is really no way, just bend it. After all, it takes experience to design. Then you can test the environmental engineers. With this book, you can get an annual salary of about 100,000 in a few years, but the current employment of the environment is getting better .. The industry is also developing, and it may not be so good for a while. If you are really interested in this industry, don't abandon the Bank and do well in designing. Then you can take a civil servant! The treatment is too good, but it may be difficult, the request is higher ... Then it is de -chemical enterprise, that is not to do design, it may be that it is produced, management, etc., and the development is better than the starting point for designing. Some, bigger. If you graduate from a master's degree, you can also go to some scientific research units. Those who graduate doctors can go to college for teaching and scientific research.

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