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  1. Notice on fire safety
    In our ordinary daily life, more and more people will use notifications to notify or convey relevant matters or documents to specific subjects to let the object know or execute. There is no clue to write a notice? The following is a notice on fire safety that I collected and sorted. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

    The notice of fire safety 1 In order to do a good job of the fire prevention and control of our town, strengthen the construction of the fire safety responsibility system, strive to consolidate the foundation of social fire prevention and control, and strive to create a good fire safety environment. The notice of fire work in the town of 20XX is now as follows:
    . Improve the fire safety responsibility system and implement fire safety responsibilities
    (1) Improve the responsibilities of fire safety work. The town should incorporate fire protection work into the overall planning of economic and social development and the construction of safety construction, comprehensive management of social management, safety production and leading cadres at all levels, sign the responsibility for the fire safety management goals, clarify the focus of fire safety work, implement fire responsibility for fire protection Binding system. It is necessary to improve the rules of discussion of the Fire Safety Committee, solve key issues in a timely manner, study and deploy fire safety work, improve the town fire safety management organization, improve the fire safety management system, and implement the responsibility of fire safety management.
    (2) Improve the responsibilities of fire safety in the industry department. The competent departments of various industries should conscientiously implement the responsibility of fire safety, formulate the annual work plan of fire safety, establish and improve the departmental information communication and joint law enforcement mechanism, strengthen departmental measures, perform their duties, and focus on co -management. The departments of the issuance of the issuance, the establishment of the ring, the agricultural service center, and the finance department shall actively promote the construction of infrastructure such as fire stations, fire water sources, and other infrastructure; the construction center must strengthen the supervision of the use of new building insulation materials for construction units and construction units.
    (3) Strengthen the responsibility of fire safety in social units. Relevant departments at all levels shall sign the fire safety responsibility letter with industrial enterprises and fire safety units above designated size and fire safety units, and urge the unit to implement it. It is necessary to clarify the fire safety responsibilities of high -rise buildings, underground buildings, multi -property and multi -property owners buildings, and joint subjects, common subjects and other blurred subjects, and improve the management system and implement relevant responsibilities. Promote social units to complete the "four capabilities" of fire safety.
    (4) Strengthen the fire safety administrative accountability mechanism. Relevant departments at all levels should study and formulate fire safety interviews, accountability and other systems, and implement half -year supervision and year -end evaluation system for fire protection work. Anyone who occurs above larger or more causes a fire accident, shall be held accountable strictly in accordance with the regulations. In addition to the responsibility of the person who is responsible for direct fires, the main person in charge of the unit and the leadership of the local governments and relevant departments must be held.
    . Strengthen the construction of public fire protection facilities, and consolidate the foundation of fire prevention and control
    (1) further improving urban and rural fire protection planning. The town must conscientiously organize and implement the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" Social Management Innovation Development Plan "(Fu Office Fa [] No. 71). , Fire -fighting, fire truck channels, fire equipment and other fire safety layouts are included in urban and rural planning, and are responsible for organizing implementation. 20XX has completed the overall planning town to complete the preparation of fire planning or set up fire protection chapters in the overall plan, and simultaneously plan and build rural fire water sources, fire -fire channels and other fire infrastructure with new socialist rural construction.
    (2) Further strengthen the construction of fire protection equipment. According to the requirements of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" Social Management Innovation Development Plan and the requirements of the Public Security Fire Force Fire Destroyer Rescue Equipment Construction Plan, the equipment equipment equipment equipment and equipment equipment of the fire station vehicle equipment and firefighters must meet )"Require.
    . Innovate fire safety management models, improve the level of fire safety management
    (1) Improve the "grid" management level of social fire safety. Relevant departments at all levels shall implement the relevant requirements of fire safety grid management in accordance with the requirements of the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation of Fire Safety Grid Management Work in Town and Town" (Fu Office Fa [] No. 67). Managers to ensure operational funds. Implement seven major working mechanisms such as the level -oriented fire safety responsibility system, joint prevention and treatment, regular inspection, hidden danger processing, joint meeting, publicity training, and information reports to ensure the effective development of fire safety "grid" management. The town fire brigade should strengthen guidance to ensure that 50%of the towns, villages, and social towns in the year meet the standards of "grid" management.
    (2) Improve the management level of "household registration" of social units. In accordance with the "household registration" management measures formulated and introduced by the town government, the management of "household registration" of fire safety "household registration" in social units should be fully implemented. ) Implement the management of "household registration" of fire safety, establish a system of fire safety joint investigation, improve the standardized construction of fire safety archives, improve the three reporting systems of fire safety management personnel, fire facilities maintenance, and fire safety self -assessment. Fire safety "self -inspection, hidden dangers are self -eliminated, and responsible for responsibility." The town fire brigade should strengthen guidance to ensure that the key unit of fire safety will achieve 100%of the "household registration" management of "household registration".
    (3) Improve the level of prevention and control of fire hazards. Relevant departments at all levels must carry out special governance of key areas such as rental housing, co -use places, public gathering venues, high -rise buildings and building fire protection facilities, fire protection products, and fire products to eliminate fire hazards. During key periods such as major festivals and major activities, special deployment will be carried out to carry out fire safety inspections. Strengthen the supervision of the township area and key places in the hidden fire hazards, carry out regular supervision, and coordinate and supervise hidden dangers to rectify. It is necessary to carry out special actions such as "removing fires and keeping peace" and "smooth life channels" to thoroughly eliminate a number of major fire hazards to ensure that the fire situation in the year is stable. Further regulate the operating mechanism of the "96119" platform, unblock the reporting channels for reporting, and improve the mechanisms such as reward report complaints, regular return visits, and extensively mobilize the crowd to report complaints on fire hazards.
    4. Strengthen the construction of fire teams and enhance emergency rescue capabilities
    (1) Strengthen the construction of various forms of fire protection forces. According to the spirit of the five ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Public Security, the spirit of actively promoting the development of voluntary fire fighting teams, our town should develop various forms of fire teams according to local conditions to improve the ability of disaster accidents such as our town and rural anti -fire. Take measures to develop volunteer fire fighting teams and national fire warning officers to expand the coverage of fire protection forces.
    (2) Strengthen the protection of various forms of fire teams. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the spirit of the Ministry of Finance's "Administrative Measures for Local Fire Fighting Funds" (No. 330 of Financial Defense), further improve the funding guarantee mechanism, incorporate fire work funds into the fiscal budget, and give priority to ensuring special equipment and personal protection equipment required for fire rescue and rescue. Funding, and moderately establish and improve the salary and benefits and medical security systems of firefighters.
    (3) Strengthen the construction of the fire emergency rescue system. It is necessary to implement the system of comprehensive emergency rescue joint conferences and the system meeting system of fire extinguishing rescue experts, regularly analyze and judge the situation of disaster accidents in our town, evaluate the level of equipment construction in the town, and close the information connection between the linkage departments and emergency rescue teams. Establish and improve the joint revision system for emergency plans for disaster accidents, and implement real -time dynamic renewal of emergency plans for disaster accidents.
    5. Deepen the education and training of fire protection, improve the quality of fire safety of the whole people
    (1) Deepen the basic work of fire protection. Comprehensive publicity and implementation of the "Outline of Fire Safety Education of the People", innovate the "entered the village and households" -style publicity, incorporate fire safety publicity work into the management content of "grid" and "household registration", focusing on the "20 Fire Safety Articles" Propaganda, write non -academic short -term training materials for ordinary people's reading, and vigorously carry out the popularization of fire knowledge.
    (2) Deepen the construction of fire propaganda carriers. To expand the coverage of fire propaganda, urban and rural (road) electronic display screens and indoor and outdoor frequency media along the street have achieved timing and quantitative fire public welfare publicity. Borrowing social forces to expand the channels for fire protection, continuously improve the fire volunteer service system, and develop a number of new fire -fighting volunteers.
    (3) Deepen fire safety education and training. It is necessary to formulate an annual fire education training plan and carry out fire safety training in all aspects. Carry out the fire safety training of "leaders" in the countryside to complete the goal of rotating training; the operators of the fire control room and the unique staff of the fire industry must hold the certificate; strictly pre -job fire safety training system Personnel fire safety training. The Town Education Bureau shall include fire regulations and fire knowledge into the special education content of local curriculum in compulsory education to ensure that the fire courses set up in junior high school and primary schools are not less than 4 lessons per semester, and urge the school to carry out no less than once a year. Evacation exercise.
    Tefeted notice of fire safety 2 (room), party committee party committee, disciplinary inspection and supervision team in the bureau:
    The emergency meeting of fire safety work, the meeting emphasized that it is necessary to compact fire safety management responsibilities, quickly conduct investigation and rectification, and inhibit the high frequency of fire accidents. On July 5, the Provincial Office issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Fire Safety Management of the Office of the Office". According to the requirements of the "Notice", the relevant matters are notified as follows:
    . Clear responsibilities and division of labor implementation. Adhere to the principle of implementing the "who is in charge and who is responsible for" fire protection work.
    . Check a comprehensive inspection without leaving dead ends.前一阶段,局办公室配合机关事务管理局保卫处对办公大楼的消防系统进行了全面检查,重点检查办公大楼安全通道是否畅通,楼梯间灭火器是否齐全,消防设施保养是否及时有效,控制点位与Whether the signal of the fire alarm equipment is unblocked to ensure that the fire system equipment in the office area is operating normally, and various indicators meet the fire safety requirements.
    . Highlight the key points and strengthen supervision. Further implementation of responsibilities, increase supervision, strengthen safety measures, consolidate the foundation of fire safety, and create a safe office environment. In particular, computer rooms, archives, and financial rooms, financial rooms, storage rooms, and Wenyin rooms in the office building of bureaus are key parts of fire and explosion -proof. The management departments and managers of the above -mentioned key parts must strictly abide by the fire prevention and explosion -proof management system, implement safety measures, clarify those with fire prevention responsible, prohibit fireworks from key parts, and prohibit unrelated personnel from entering.
    . Fire safety, everyone is responsible. All cadres and employees of the bureaus must further strengthen fire safety awareness, strengthen mutual reminders and supervisors, and consciously achieve: First, strengthen the awareness of electricity safety, must not install or change the office power lines of the office without authorization, and must not use high -power electrical appliances. After get off work, turn off the electric lights, computers, printers, fax machines, copy machines, crushing machines, air conditioners and other electricity equipment, cut off the office power supply, and prevent long -term electricity from causing the electrical heating and combustion. The second is that the items of the office are stacked neatly, and the waste paper and debris should be disposed of at the designated location at the specified time. Third, smoking is prohibited in the office space. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable and explosive dangerous items such as liquefied gas, gasoline, fireworks, and firecrackers into the office space. Fourth, during the audit of the audit team, it is necessary to strictly abide by the fire safety management regulations where the audited unit is located, and to implement the implementation of various fire safety measures. rn   通知人:rn   日期:rn   消防安全的通知3   为切实贯彻落实上级夏季防火安全检查工作部署要求,经段防火委研究决定,自即日起至九月底,在Carry out summer fire safety inspection activities throughout the section. Please organize the implementation of each workshop carefully, and carry out a comprehensive investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in summer fire safety to ensure the full -scale fire safety.
    . Strengthen leadership and improve awareness
    The first responsible person of the workshop is the first responsible person of summer fire safety inspection activities. The safety risk management system is deployed in the monthly key work plan. The deputy director or engineer of the workshop in charge of the fire work should supervise and inspect the activities of the workshop and work area. Safety inspection activities have been implemented.
    . Do a good job of investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in fire hazards
    The outstanding characteristics of each workshop for summer production, living electricity and fire use, combined with the "Special Rectification Form for Fire Safety and Internal Public Security Hidden Hurry" 55 The hidden danger points are inspected by the office, duty room, signal mechanical room, relay station, line office, computer room, warehouse, kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, bathroom and other key parts. Unified management, clarifying the rectification period of responsible persons to form a closed -loop, and the problem of hidden dangers that cannot be rectified in the workshop temporarily. While reporting to the section comprehensive governance office, it should be controlled and protected. The comprehensive governance office will conduct random inspections of the activities of each workshop, and the random inspection will be included in the assessment of the level -by -level responsibility system.
    . Carrying out fire safety training exercises
    Each workshop should use various opportunities to carry out a fire safety training before the end of August. This fire safety training should highlight the study of fire safety warning cases and allow employees The serious consequences of safety hazards to individuals, families and units, and society have promoted employees to actively find and rectify the hidden fire safety hazards around the surrounding areas; Employees carry out spraying exercises to improve the actual combat ability of employees to extinguish the initial fire and emergency response capabilities when encountering sudden fires; the workshop with seventeen fluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing equipment must perform reputation of workshops and work areas related operators Exercises and automatic switching exercises allow employees to master the operation and emergency response process of the automatic fire extinguishing equipment of the seven -fluoropropane.
    . Do a good job of fire safety propaganda
    Make in each workshop to strengthen fire safety publicity, make full use of the new media platforms, workshops and WeChat groups, carry out fire safety propaganda to cadres and employees, guide cadres to guide cadres Employees implement fire safety responsibilities in accordance with the discipline, and do a good job of fire safety propaganda.
    5. Strengthen information on the information
    MEAR shall summarize the inspected hidden fire hazard issues in each workshop. And before September 20th, the summer fire safety inspection activity was carried out and the inspection and rectification of the hidden fire hazards formed a summary report.
    Tefit notice of fire safety 4 Town people's governments, street offices, municipal government departments and direct units:
    The spirit of fire safety work television conferences, profoundly absorbing the lessons of fire accidents in the Wenzhou Economic Development Zone, further strengthening fire security measures, and effectively strengthening fire prevention and control work. n. Deeply absorb the lessons of the fire accident in the Wenzhou Development Zone, and effectively enhance the awareness of worry and risk
    This year, through the common efforts of the city, the fire situation in our city has maintained overall stability. As of August 16 On the day, there were 392 fires in the city, with direct economic losses of 1.0547 million yuan, and an area of ​​6,409 square meters. There were no casualties, no large or above, and influential fire accidents. Compared with the same period last year, the number of fires fell 45.1%, the direct economic losses fell by 47.4%, and the excessive fire area dropped by 47.4%. It is not easy to achieve performance and fully affirmed. However, the total number of fires in our city is still high, especially since July, the fire has shown a high incidence, which has increased by 8%compared with the same period last year. Two, fully revealing the fragile foundation of some local fire safety foundations in our city, insufficient investigation and rectification of fire hazards, weak fire safety awareness and loose management of some units (places), which also shows that we are not in place in the implementation of fire protection work responsibilities. The launch of the grass -roots organization forces is insufficient, and the rectification of hidden dangers is not thorough enough. Especially in the early morning of August 24, a large fire accident occurred in the Wenzhou Economic Development Zone, and it was necessary to lead the city as a precepts, and deeply understand the extreme importance of doing fire protection work. More than a large and affecting fire accidents.
    . Strengthening the coordination and cooperation responsibilities, the implementation of fire safety responsibilities is at the forefront
    (1) Strictly implement leadership responsibilities. All localities should further strengthen the emphasis on fire security work, take advantage of the three days, use the last few days before the summit, scientifically analyze and judge the fire safety situation in the jurisdiction. Rectify the situation, strengthen the situation, refine responsibility measures, and adopt the working mode of "fixed, time, time, fixed -point, fixed -effect, and blame" to pass the pressure to the bottom of the grassroots level. Essence The main leaders should personally study the deployment. The leaders in charge of the leaders must personally ask and promote themselves, take the lead in supervising and inspecting fire safety work, urging the implementation of various tasks, studying and solving major issues that affect fire safety, and promoting the implementation of various tasks under the above rate.
    (2) Strict implementation of supervision responsibilities. The competent departments of various industries shall focus on the overall goal of the fire safety insurance of the summit. In accordance with the requirements of "the management industry must manage safety, manage safety, and manage the production and operation of production and operation, it must fully support and cooperate with the public security fire department, and effectively undertake fire protection in the management field safe job. It is necessary to urge all units in the industry system to touched the fire safety management status of the unit before the summit, and sort out the fire safety control measures to clear the fire hazard and prevent measures. Especially for key places such as residential rental housing, various functional departments should be high -frequency and joint force, and adopt rigid measures in accordance with the law to form a high -pressure trend to combat fire -fighting violations; The unit slices, inspection inspections, close monitoring, timely grasp the abnormal situation, and quickly take targeted measures.
    (3) Strictly implement the main responsibility. Each towns (streets), industry departments, relevant agencies, and fire departments shall urge enterprises and social units to implement fire safety subject responsibilities through inspection, training, propaganda, exposure, punishment, and even criminal responsibility, and organize fire prevention inspections and regional joint defense , Truly realize the "safety self -inspection, hidden dangers, self -responsibility, and responsibility." It is necessary to give full play to the role of miniature fire stations in the early stages of extinction, small, and early extinction, strengthen personnel training and equipment equipment, and truly realize the "1, 3, 5" emergency response mechanism. Once an accident occurs, the initial disposal is carried out in 1 minute. 3 In minutes, reinforcements were reinforced, and the fire patrol force was dealt with within 5 minutes.
    (4) serious discipline accountability. For those who do not implement fire safety work and do not implement things, the municipal government will be investigated in accordance with the discipline and regulations and the responsibility of the fire accident. Responsibility for leadership. From now on, the municipal government will organize a special inspection team to conduct special inspections to inform the inspection in real time. If the implementation of the work is not in place, the hidden dangers are not rectified, the measures are not effective, the dead due to the failure of the responsibility, and the fire accident affects the fire accident, and the fire accident will affect the fire accident. Strict accountability, re -treatment.
    . Take resolute and effective measures to ensure the implementation of various fire protection work
    (1) Unified action in the city, and implement fire safety requirements to the "last nanometer". From August 25th to September 7th, the spirit of the municipal government's "Notice on Doing Fire Safety Work" and the spirit of the two fire work conferences in the province are mainly based on the main dead corner of blind zones, and the implementation of fire protection responsibilities will be implemented. This key link aims to improve the prevention and control of the end, comprehensively strengthen fire prevention and control, and achieve full coverage of the three levels of municipal, town (street), and village (community), and resolutely prevent major social impact accidents and major accidents.
    (2) In -depth investigation of hidden dangers, so as not to miss the dead corner or let go of a hidden danger. Each towns (streets) and departments should continue to increase the investigation of hidden dangers of social units, and to units that have not been checked in the past, units that are easy to repeatedly inspect, unreasonable units, industries, regions, and carpets, carpets, and carpets Formulating investigation, so that there is a bottom in my heart, the fish that leaks is never allowed, and a leakage is not allowed; the amount of residential rental housing in our city is wide, and the towns (streets), police stations and fire departments must cooperate closely to strive for before the summit again. Touch it again. If the rental houses that do not meet the fire safety requirements of the Provincial Public Security Department will be corrected before the summit in accordance with the law and cannot be corrected, they will strictly punish the lessor and urge the implementation of preventive measures in accordance with the law. The "three -in -one" venue found in the investigation will be urged to move away from the accommodation until the production is suspended. For residential houses, old communities, and office buildings, the person in charge of each building or "building leader" must be clarified one by one, reminding residents and owners to "clean up the balcony, clean the passage, clean the flue" and jointly correct the "chaotic parking of the electric vehicle to park in chaos in accordance with the law. Disorderly charging "behavior. We must continue to pay attention to the dense places, shopping mall markets, senior management, chemical industry, construction sites and other places, and inspect and urge the unit to implement the main responsibility of fire safety.
    (3) Strictly controlled control measures to ensure that no larger or more and affect fire accidents. The first is to end from the beginning to the summit. For the hidden dangers that can be rectified, the rectification must be urged as soon as possible; the hidden dangers that cannot be rectified, the hidden dangers of rectification, and the hidden dangers cannot be closed. Management measures to ensure that hidden dangers do not cause risks and risks without causing accidents. The second is to ensure that each social unit implements fire safety responsible persons. For key units and major fire hazards, the person in charge must be interviewed one by one, signing a letter of fire safety commitment in a special period, and urging the implementation of strict control and strict control measures one by one; the third is that it is necessary Make every effort to prepare for the fire -fighting rescue, strengthen the familiar exercise of key areas and important buildings, coordinate the power of full -time fire brigade, miniature fire station, sprinkler vehicle, Ping An patrol officer, grid staff, etc. In particular, we must organize special forces to strengthen the patrolling at night on duty to ensure that accidents can be dealt with in a timely manner, and strive to minimize the fire hazards.

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