2 thoughts on “How to pay for Yunnan Walnut Xiaolicu with WeChat”

  1. If the merchant has access to WeChat payment, for physical stores, you can scan the QR code provided by the merchant in WeChat, click to pay immediately in the pop -up payment interface, and enter the password to complete the payment. Or click the payment to let the salesperson scan the payment QR code generated on the mobile phone for payment.
    If online shops, the payment is generally completed by scanning the QR code. If you see it on the WeChat public account, you can directly enter the payment interface after you choose to pay, and enter the password to complete the payment.

  2. Yunnan WeChat payment is provided by Tencent's official service provider Yunnan Yixing Micro -service. It can be used by buying dried walnuts. Open the mobile phone WeChat. The WeChat scan in the upper right corner can be paid and used. Covering most parts of Yunnan

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